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Author Topic: Aircraft Links for Skins & Editing Info (Luftwaffe mostly, Long definately)
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Here are some of the links I dug up this evening after organizing my bookmarks. Most of them have to do with skin profiles, also some information on planes that could be helpful to plane editors and a few just for the hell of it. Hope you find something you like. The links themselves are after the description of the site. Also forgive any typos in the descriptions, was working quickly but the links should be solid as I cut and pasted them.

Fighter Markings of Germany's Co-Belligerents: Profiles for Me 109's, Fw 190's, Bf 110's and a used by Germany's allies.

Me 262 Profiles: Also has official RLM color examples and descriptions with the MS FS equivillent color numbers for the pallet, someone could convert that perhaps to give a RLM pallet.

Luftwaffe Emblems: 1939-1945: Excellent site for Geshwader markings, tactical markings, etc. Requires Shockwave but is worth the download if you don't already have it.

12 O'Clock High Luftwaffe Page: Another excellent site for all things Luftwaffe related. Also has tactical, Geswader, personal insignia, etc. In the 8th Air Force links there is also markings of the 8th AAF as well as the letter codes and profiles for many fighter squadrons.

Luftwaffe Resource Page: Another excellent site, from now on just consider all of these pages excellent. Saves me the typing J. Has a veritable plethora of information on all things Luftwaffe related.

The Warbirds Research Group: Affilated site to the one above. Information on fighters aces and famous bombers from a variety of Air Forces of WW II.

Warbirds of WW II: Not affiliated with the above sites, pictures of a variety of WW II aircraft from many nations.

German Armed Forces of World War II: Not specific for skinning or aircraft at all but an extremely useful general information site on the Wehrmacht. Each branch has their own section along with articles on the Luftwaffe, Heer, etc. Also extremely useful for the links.

Stormvogel: Information on the airforces of the neutral nations and European Axis members/associates. More of an information site than a picture site, it also has Orders of Battle for many of the airforces by date. The Luftwaffe section is closest to being complete.

A Detailed Look at the Messerschmitt Bf 109: Every model, variant and standard field modification. A Very very detailed look. Should be of interest to aircraft editors.

Luftwaffe Profiles: Exactly what it says. Not many profiles per type but with a huge variety of Luftwaffe aircraft profiled.

Aeromaster Decals: Offers a huge selection of color paint schemes for models, useful for coming up with skins. Staggering variety of planes covered.

Bf 109 Page: Again, more of an information page but also has pictures.

Luftwaffe Fighter Aces Aircraft in Profile: Again, what it says. A webpage for a book actually. Looks like a good buy IMHO.

Luft '46: Not directly related to EAW, skinning or anything but historical curiousity. Makes me want to play SWOTL!

Classic Publications: They offer an excellent series of books on the Luftwaffe and series 1 is on my Christmas list.

German WW2 Nightfighters Resource Page: Again, what it says. Could be of interest to plane editors.

Junkers Aircraft Without Hugo Junkers: Everything you wanted to know about Junkers aircraft of WW II. Mostly of interest to editors, and people who appriciate quality!

Modelling the Russian Aircraft of the Soviet VVS: A good site for those skinners that want to get a jump on the Soviet ECA 2.0 planes. Includes an offical Soviet Air Ministry color guide.

Italian Wings Homepage: Mostly history of the Aeronautica Regia, pilots, planes, etc. Dissapointingly enough no profiles I could find.

Pete's Evil Overlord List: Completely non-EAW non-WW II related. But I laughed until it hurt when I read it.


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Herr Schatten,

Be Carefull! All that typing could cause unnessasary stress on your trigger finger!
Remember, Moderation! HEH HEH HEH!


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Ach Himmel! Du ist right Herr Donster. Now mein finger ist itching to pull die trigger.
Hope it still works. The last thing we need is an Incident at the Vienna Philange Klinik thing starting up. Der Horrido of that is too Horrido to even contemplate.


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Here's another good one. The Luftwaffe Homepage. Lots of squadron info with base locations, a/c model changes and dates.
For you RAF fans...same type of site as above.
And for the USAAF

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