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Author Topic: Possible explantions for service disruptions
Herr VonBroam

posted 10-27-1999 10:34 AM       Edit/Delete Post
*no Humor in this part of posting*

Let us see here it seems like if we try to post with our registered names it does not want to go through (well all the time any way I just had one message go through out of 10) could it be that the Combatsim forum site has been overloaded by the sheer numbers here at the Eaw Forum??? what ever it is, it is annoying, but I post on any way.
*Humor resumed*

Reason#1: The other forums are jealous of our numbers and have crashed our site.

Reason#2: Unholy elements form the 2 false ww2 flightsims have stuck a blow at the holy church of EAW.

Reason#3: Chris did it (just kidding)

Reason#4: Cfran has often mentioned that he works as Technical support somewhere, Maybe he worked at Combatsim???? And he has found another job??? and his leaving has thrown everything into chaos???

Reason#5: Dr. Katzenjammer has convinced the Administration here that we are well and truly crazy. In the intrest of our health, they have taken our old posts and alayzed them and decided that to allow registered crazies was not in their best intrest.

Reason#6: The evil Alien Elvis from Area51 has decided to jam our transmissions in retaliation for rescueing and restoring FIFI to health and aliveness (KrasnBurn I have a courageous heart, nothing will stay me from rescueing FIFI. We are going to rescue her right???)

VonBroam (President of the FIFI Is Not Dead Club of America (FIFIINDCA)(She has just been geneticaly re combined)

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Member # 93

posted 10-27-1999 11:07 AM     Profile for Schatten   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
*Auchtung! All humor no real content! Du hast ben warned!*

Herr Von Broam, I believe the Infidels are at the root of this injustice. Although there are some even more insidious conspiracy possibilities...

1) The F-16 Forum instigated it, not out of mere jealousy at our mighty numbers and devotion. But out of sibling rivalry that not only did our MP product work correctly, but also has improved steadilly...

Having realized this they undertook part 2 of their nefarious plan...

2) They enlisted the aid of Infidels from the other Apostate WW II sims to devise a cunning scheme to infiltrate our ranks, enrage und frustrate some of our Kameraden and cause them to become despondant and absent for a period of time...

Having done this and achieved their window of opportunity, the Unholy Plan continues to stage 3...

3) They enlist Dr. Kattzenjammer and Chris to exhume the bodies of HeinKill, Fifi and Bridgitte; taking them to Prague where they were hoping to intercept Herr Rommel and add him to their collection, the plan being to rescussitate them, fly to Nevada and use Area 51 computers and old Elvis records to torture out of them the inner workings of the Forum so they could then move on to the most heinous and devilish phase of their inhuman plan...

Which is for those keeping score at home:

4) The elimination of our identities so Fifth Column Apostates could unknowingly infiltrate our ranks and spread disinformation until the situation became so hopeless, so mind numbingly terrifying that the culmination of all their wicked dreams could come true...

In der Final stage:

5) Having accumulated dossiers on all of us we will soon be recieving complementary free copies of the Apostate WW II sims along with new Registration numbers for their unholy forums along with mind bending CD-ROMs cunningly disguised as WW II combat tactics movies, these of course being full of chanting subliminal exhortations to play the Unholy Sims That Shall Not Be Named!

But all is not lost!

1) Herr Rommel has escaped their clutches and returned to where he belongs. This is a sign that their demonic powers of seduction are less than feared.

2) None of us go outside to check our mailboxes, since we are now obsessed with our forum and glued to our screens, so their evil wares will never see the light of our monitors.

3) We are united in purpose so as to remain strong in these hours of darkness.

4) Charles Gunst (may his hardware never fail!) shall hunt them down and put the dogs in their places!

So have faith mein brethern, all is not yet lost. But be alert. The Enemy could be anywhere...

*End of humor and end of post, I told you it was all humor*


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Schattenjaeger's Mailman

posted 10-27-1999 11:09 AM       Edit/Delete Post

Just my way of making my real posts show up, nothing to see here.

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posted 10-27-1999 11:57 AM       Edit/Delete Post
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Member # 39

posted 10-27-1999 12:21 PM     Profile for VonBroam   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Oh No!!! now the postal service is in on this , I may demand a transfer to the Ost Front as well.

VonBroam (President of the FIFI Is Not Dead(Just geneticly recombined) Club of America (FIFIINDCA) out

Posts: 327 | From: Beaufort, South Carolina | Registered: Sep 1999  |  IP: Logged
Der Opa, JA!

posted 10-27-1999 01:07 PM       Edit/Delete Post

WOT??? Ihr Jungs, can you not zee??? Zis is why ze Commies will not register, JA! Zis iz ze ZIGN!! ZEY ARE KOMINK FOR US!! First, zey haf made us addictif to zhis forum, JA! UNd now, zey are makink zeir final moves to track us all down and dann.....ze ende, ja!
Zu qouten ze German liedsinger Rammstein:
es kund zu tun, ist ach so bitter, es kommt zu ihr, um zu zerstören!


Der Opa

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Member # 125

posted 10-27-1999 01:20 PM     Profile for Opa   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Oki, ihr könnt alles vergessen.
Soooo....zis nicht eine conspiration after all, NEIN....zis workink again, JA.....zis GUT, nein?

Der Opa

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Member # 682

posted 10-27-1999 07:25 PM     Profile for MessySchmitt   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post
Der Lufftwaffe Commander Programers came up mit a Diabolical idea :
Instead of cloning ze MAMMOTH zey Cloned ze EAW FORUM und ve all VELL VOR IT !

Danger: contains Germglish and maybe inappropiate for some viewers

[This message has been edited by MessySchmitt (edited 10-27-1999).]

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