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Author Topic: Miraculous cure for Rommel: Come on doctors !
Dr Katzenjammer

posted 10-20-1999 03:09 AM       Edit/Delete Post
"I think ve have it now - hehehehehe- I'm sure this would vork !" Katzenjammer hops around on one leg, like one not so famous outside a train near Paris!
"Ja, Ja- It vill, I know- I've tried it before- It's quite simple really- but let's keep it as a surprise " Joseph mutters
"Just explain again vhat you do hein? " asks Katzenjammer.
" Vell- ve take ze old shrivelled Frankfurter zhat Hein Kill sent to Rommel, and some of ze skin DNA found from ze Frankfurter of ze stomach contents of the dead Hein Kill, und graft zis onto ze old Hein Kill Frankfurter"
"Und then? " asks Katzenjammer
"Vell- trial und error- we allow zhis graft to grow under controlled conditions- und after two weeks ve will have a brand new Frankfurther for Rommel, with all new built-in features !!" say s Joseph.
"Gut, vunderbar !!- Just in time for Rommel's birthday - what features vill you put in?"
" Vell- vell, I have not made up my mind yet, maybe ve should get zum opinions ?- There are plenty of doktors und pathologists on ze forum- I'm sure zey would have some ideas on how to build a better Frankfurter for Jagdfliegers"
" Ja- Ja- Ist gut- let's send it to ze forum und see??- "

How about it Docpilot, Kurt Tank, Scat- Have you tried zis type of transplant yet??, I vill work out the psychology side und trauma counselling !

Overheard in ze tearoom ze ozzer day !

Doc 1: Sorry, have to rush, need to go and do this $2000.00 operation !
Doc 2: What does the patient have?
Doc 1: $ 2000.00 of course !

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