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Author Topic: Warbirds III new version v08.07.02
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New forced update for Warbirds has been released. Great to finally see a few new planes added with one of my favourites from WBII (the mosquito) getting two variants. Also added are AI drones like Aces high although they are a little rough around the edges and a bit limited they do work.

Also in this release is the Spitfire Mk14
Spitfire Mk14


WarBirds III version 08.07.02

WELCOME TO WARBIRDS III version 08.07.02.


WarBirds III PC Update:

WarBirds III Macintosh (OSX and OS9)Update:

WarBirds III version 08.07.02 has the following code changes
--NEW aircraft and cockpits
Mosquito VI
Spit XIV
Fubuki (Dest2)
CV6 Enterprise
Opel Truck Note: cockpit has you sitting on the hood.
--New: All shadows enabled
.shadows 0 <== default no shadows
.shadows 1 <== vehicles stencil shadowed
.shadows 2 <== ground objs stencil shadowed
.shadows 3 <== vehicles + ground objects stencil shadowed
NOTE: you need a video card equipped with a stencil buffer in
order to run these. Select (In the Z-buffer box) something
that includes a stencil buffer (usually 24 bit Z with 8 bit
stencil buffer) This will work on PC and Mac OSx only.
-- NEW: Roads enabled on Europe terrain
-- NEW: Aircraft shaped button on the fields tab will bring you
to a close up map of the field you're at where you can select
individual spawn points. Pressing it again will bring you back
to the normal map mode. (F3 also toggles this display)
-- NEW: Crosshair button on the fields tab will recenter and reset
the zoom of the field map.
--FIXED: Players should now be able to see each other's external
loadouts. Known bug: loadout will not change on launching
-- FIXED: Lots of effects optimized and adjusted
-- FIXED: All text input boxes now diasble key commands (meaning,
if you have something bound to the 'a' key you won't cause that
function to happen if you are typing 'iceman' in the Check
Scores box in the UI, etc.)
-- FIXED: Crash caused by road overlay object not being cleared
from memory when switching terrains
-- FIXED: Numerical Scalars work in stick setup menu
-- FIXED: "slow down" on carrier takeoff eliminated
--Fixed:Keyset issues, there is now a controls04.cfg file created
when you run the game.
-- FIXED: Europe terrain-general smoothing, fixed coastlines,
rivers, etc.
- FIXED: Exposed terr001.tga in your WBIII directory. You may
edit this to adjust what is displayed for your terr001
(default Europe) F1 map.
-- FIXED: hi-med-low quality video settings now work
-- FIXED: Plane list alphabetized
--Fixed: P38L weight
-- FIXED: toggle engine# commands now work properly
-- FIXED: BF109E now has matching camo pattern on wings and fuse

--Mission editor implemented
Mission Editor "How to" document included in this package

--Drone wingmen now available for bomber sorties (with host in
beta arena)
On host, setting DRONEWINGEES controls # of wingmen. Can be
up to 15.
.sset dronewingees 0 <=== turns off wingmen
.sset dronewingees 3 <=== 3 wingmen enabled
-Until more work is done, at most 15 players can have
wingmen at the same time (using up to 48 drone host slots on
a first come, first serve basis).
-Drone wingees will not show on radar.
-When player exits flight for any reason, his wingmen will
also exit flight.
-You select your number of wingman in the Flight/Wingman
setting (from 0 to the dronewingees max number)
-Wingmen ordnance dropped counts towards TOT totals, but as
of now player gets no credit for any damage to objects, or
enemies done by his wingmen.
-Destroying drone wingmen is scored same as destroying other
drones (they count as gun/ack kills)
-Wingmen start in air and will do standard turns until player
is airborne, at which point they will join in formation.
-Wingmen will attempt their best to stay in formation short
of following player into ground.
-Damaged wingmen may break off and head home depending on
ac/damage sustained.
-Wingmen will open their bay doors when player does, and drop
bombs when player does (each hit of the "B" key drops one
bomb per wingmen).
-Wingmen don't know how to land right now.
-Player can control formation and spread with the offline
form-up command available on channel 114:
F <formation> [<spread>]
Formation is one of:
and spread (optional) is in feet
Examples: (send this to a radio channel tuned to 114)
F VIC 100

--NEW Air Combat Maneuver (ACM) recording:
Online, in flight or cmeye mode:
To start:
.acmrec <file>
<ctrl>. (ctrl+period key)
To stop:
.acmrec (blank)

To play back,
Offline from tower:
.acmplay <file>

CMs may also use
.acmrecall <file>
which will record all arena messages including radio talk

--Peer to peer uploading enabled. This will allow someone with
permissions the ability to upload their AI mission files to
one of the generals for running.

Current build (as of today) has the following commands:
.sendfile <file path>
Sends file to all users as per the radio channel's
distribution. Current host will restrict channel to < 100
(private channels always enabled)
.sendfile+ <file path>
Same as above, with the addition that the sent file will be
displayed on the receivers' FEs after downloading.
.senddir <dir path> Note: does not work on Mac yet!!
Sends all files in <dir path> to all users as per the
radio channel's distribution.

This is *not* a facility designed to transfer large files!!!
To avoid packet-flooding, the file contents are sent at 1/3
second intervals.

-The length of the path must be less than 50 chars, and
cannot as of now contain spaces.
-Only allows files to be sent on tac channels (<100) and
any private link to another individual.
-Restricted to CM level access only right now.
-Max file size ~32k (host configurable)

To send some *.mbl files to PATTON:
Tune PATTON on a radio buffer
Select that radio buffer
.senddir <path to dir>

To send a text file to everyone on channel 040:
Tune 040 on a radio channel
select that radio buffer
.sendfile <path to file>

Macintosh Specific:
--OSX have shadows.
--Mission Editor offset problems fixed
-.trimrepeatkey issues fixed-should work on joysticks as well as
on the keyboard
--Fuzzy cockpits problem fixed
--FIXED: Crash at end of loading terrain due to low mem allocation (OS9)
--FIXED: iMac resolution/refresh rate/black border (OS9)

We created an installer package to make the install process easy and help reduced the download time. Please note that this is a force update of WarBirds III. You MUST install the update installer package of this version of WarBirds III or you will not be able to play online. Also WarBirds III for OSX and OS9 are included in the same installer packages.

“UPDATER” Installer package is used to update the user from on old version to the newest version. The file names used below are for example only.
Example of the “Updater” Installer file naming convention
--- UPDATER installer package from version 06.13.02 to 08.07.02
PC WBWUPD080702.EXE (34,705 KB)

Please note that if you have installed WarBirds III version 06.13.02 all you need to download is the UPDATER installer package.

How to install the UPDATE Windows version from 06.13.02 to 08.07.02:
1. Download the following file:
WBWUPD080702.EXE (34,705 KB, 08/07/02)
2. Using Windows Explorer find the file you downloaded (WBWUPD080702.EXE) and double click on the file to install the WarBirds III update from version 06.13.02 to 08.07.02
3. Launch WarBirds III for Windows by clicking with your mouse on the Windows START -> PROGRAMS -> iEN Total Sims Series -> WarBirds III, then click on Fly WarBirds III online or Play WarBirds III Offline. Alternately, fly online by clicking on the shortcut that was installed on your desktop labeled, "Fly WarBirds III Online Now."

Please note that if you have installed WarBirds III version 06.13.02 all you need to download is the UPDATER installer package. Also WarBirds III for OSX and OS9 are included in the same installer packages.

How to install the UPDATE Macintosh version from 06.13.02 to 08.07.02:
1. Download the following file:
WBMUPD080702.SIT (36,824 KB, 08/07/02)
a. Using StuffIt Expander uncompress the WBMUPD080702.SIT file. It will unstuff into a folder called "WarBirds III". Double click on the "WarBirds III Updater" file inside this folder to install WarBirds III.
2. You can launch WarBirds III for the Macintosh by double clicking on the WarBirds III application.

Jay Littman,
Executive Producer

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