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Author Topic: Kill The TAWnker!
Kurt Plummer
Member # 358

posted 07-23-2000 06:10 AM     Profile for Kurt Plummer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
First Off my humble thanks for those who recommended killing the MIDI to play the game, cleared up the black screen brain freeze right away.

But Houston, we still got problems...

4-2-1 where is he?

Hum a dirty ditty awaiting 10nm closure...

4-2-2 can we have sex?



A/utopilot on

Oooh baebay, uhhh, a little lower, a LITTLE LOWER!

Damn You I said LOWER!

147 knots KTAS, 31K (waaaay the hell up there to be so slow) YANK the stick back, no not /that/ stick the other one!, and pray we don't do a falling leaf.

Well now the wetspot in my flight suit has a decidedly different smell as I've just seen my Raptor try and 'dock with the mothership' like I was a D-21 hopping on the back of a Blackbird.

So I come-round again. And instead of giving the autopilot command from 'cleared, precontact', I get right up under the belly and about 100-200ft back to 'cleared contact' and...

"Shall we dance the slow horizontal dance mah sweet schnuckums mmmm mmmmm MMMMMM!? (think a certain cartoon skunk for the accent here...)"


This time the boomer tries to refuel me 'directly', straight through the top of the starboard engine fairing...

Can we say A-DUUUHuuuHUHH?

What truly sucked a-mightily was the fact that I'd personally just bagged 7 bad guys and still had 5 AIM-120 and 2 AIM-9X onboard with a merging fight going on just 20` and 60nm off the nose of the tanker.

Sigh, I coulda been a contenduh...

Anybody else have similar problems with AAR in the Highlands opening missions? Is there a patch I need to be aware of?

Feeling Truly ***ked Yet Still Frustrated, a new and thoroughly unpleasant experience-

Kurt Plummer

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posted 07-23-2000 08:03 AM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
he,he,he i have had the same fun with F4 and TAW where the 135 tried to give me 20,000lbs directly thru the sternum!.....what a hilarious screenshot it would have made

As for the graphical anomalies i refuel manualy and which ever orifice the caps on...left shoulder,forehead...directly into the engine! it still fills up

I'm patched up(literaly!)to the newest patch(about 12 years ago..) and it never solved the 135 with the biggest hose pipe in the sky!


"Flying is the second greatest thing known to man!
The first is landing!!"

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tony draper
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posted 07-23-2000 04:46 PM     Profile for tony draper   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I used to cheat, deploy refueling probe, draw small cross on monitor screen with felt tip pen on end of refueling pipe go to hide cockpit steer small cross to probe on tanker used to work for me... most times..tony d
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tony draper
Member # 519

posted 07-23-2000 04:49 PM     Profile for tony draper   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
On second thoughts that may have been Ef2000 did f22 have a refueling probe?...tony d
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posted 07-23-2000 05:10 PM     Profile for Ozias   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Ef2000 has probe-drogue type refuelling.

I hate air-to-air refuelling.

I was terrible at it in Ef2000, terrible in ADF, terrible in TAW, I've never even tried in Falcon 4 and I very much doubt I'll enjoy trying in F/A-18 either.

PS: it's a pain in the nether regions in Flanker 2 as well.

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tony draper
Member # 519

posted 07-23-2000 06:08 PM     Profile for tony draper   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Come to think about it i,m sure it was adf,
and it became supprisingly easy doing it the way i describe, what used to wick me off was watching other aircraft closing very fast slowing down to match airspeed and hooking up in no time, it seemed to take an age to close with tanker and match speed at the right moment. and once you got about ten feet from basket the program used to cheat and jump you in. i remmember the great feeling of triumph first time i did it right
tell you the truth ive never tried refueling from tanker in f4 and i did not know you could in flanker 2, must have a go tommorrow
...tony d

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posted 07-23-2000 07:51 PM     Profile for Lucky_1   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I have asked real pilots about the airial refueling in sims and real life. And all of them say that refueling in real life is much, much easier than in sims.

Think about it. How many times have we seen those pictures of guys getting refueled and their sitting there waving with one hand slouched in their chair? We simmers, on the other hand, are working feverishly and sweating up a storm trying to top off our tanks.

I guess it goes with the theory of some game developers that if it is almost impossible, then it must be realistic.

"Do not needlessly endanger your lives, until I give you the signal." Dwight D. Eisenhower

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posted 07-23-2000 10:49 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I believe it was once mentioned on these boards that the reason aerial refueling is so hard in sims is because of missing physical feedback. The feedback of actually feeling that you're moving, the feedback of the aircraft around you rocking and rolling.

I don't see how flight sim makers could make aerial refueling much easier without drastically changing the aircraft's flight model, or doing something like having the probe follow your airplane magically.

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Kurt Plummer
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posted 07-23-2000 11:09 PM     Profile for Kurt Plummer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

I /did/ try 'manually' (snicker) but here I was doing all the prescribed Kama Sutra stances,

'dancing monkey does the double dip flip',

'dragonflies hump in wind tunnel',

and even

'screaming dog runs after laffing b**ch'.

But in EM2, two MiG-21-93's got past the forward screens as I was stuck with my pants down and my nose /glued/ to the monitor like it was my very first porno and I 'heard about it' only as the KC did a Jen-U-Wine Thunderbird Breakaway (I swear! 90` wingtip:horizon level and very impressive unless there's a candystriped telephone pole describing a sine-curve arc around the circumference of your inlets...) into the sunset and the first missile came Mach-2 trail tracing past my HUD.

No visual wolf warning, no bleating sheep noises just a primal scream of death denial and loosened sphincter relief.

Missle #2 nearly bisected -my- 'nozzles' as I went head down and slammeron'd the other way.

I /heard/ the 'BAM!' and it seemed like the screen shook from shock damage though a quickie external check showed everything to be non-perforous-porosified.

At which point the CAP's apparently decided to wake up and come to the party while I did my patented miracle-teleporter-maneuver


60miles instant-later was when I decided that it was time to keep one eye on the damn SAD and let the computer jockey me up to the gas pumps...

Not that I had a choice, by the time I was back in position to do the deed, there wasn't any time for an extended courtship ritual as my 0=gas gauge was down past 1/4 tank gold-warning and into the pound-head-on-wall '_Moron Alert!_' level for leaving those 610's back at the ranch for an additional quad of AIM-120R.

Damn AI.

Kurt P/O'd Plummer

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Swervin Irvin
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posted 07-24-2000 10:33 AM     Profile for Swervin Irvin   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Generally, the real joysticks have a vastly greater amount of travel arc compared to our desktop imitations, so, much more delicate inputs are possible.

The stereoscopic vision aspect probably makes for much better closure judgement, too.

I love my CH F-16 Combat Stick because of the long arc of travel. Sweet for the airborne copulation dance. Beats the hell out of any other stick I've used.

Take it vertical.. dive.. ram your talons deep.

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Kurt Plummer
Member # 358

posted 07-25-2000 01:13 AM     Profile for Kurt Plummer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Well, here's the latest chapter.

Not liking the 'dead once already' in my first-mission bio, I decided to go back and try-try over again.

This time, all's the enemy could be bothered to loft was a sick triplet of Su-25 and wingie bagged two of those (nerd shot an AMRAAM from in-trail, right under my jet, scaring the crap out of me /again/).

I Shift S'd around a couple hours longer than my 10:15 recovery time said I should have but I guess the bad guys were out playing goat polo or screwing their sisters or something.

I 'D.I.D.' manage to get myself gassed (Shift S from Ref Autopilot, better'n a greased condom but no voyeur-visuals please-ure... and then finally gave up and headed back to the barn.

And what does Mr. Wingster do? I /swear/ from 2 miles back off my rightwing in 'Sweep, Loose' as I called my Direct Approach request (too disgusted for a breakaway overhead showoff) he comes BLAZING past me, no warning, no "By Your F**kin' Leave", -on the left- and parks his worthless hide in front of me on the glideslope.


I'm already slightly 'worried' about this great big grocery truck of an Mi-26 moving at a sedate 90 knots about 5nm on down the merry path and now I've got a Novice Kamikaze only a mile up in front who obviously has to go potty /real bad/.

Yet every time I call in, the Tower doesn't wave me and there's a KC-135/F-18E and a Dark Star in trail at 20nm intervals back so I figure the better part of laziness is the assumption that they must know what the heck they're doing.

Wingnut eventually 'disappears' into the far field of virtual garage doors (oh for a 1024 display...) and while I'm frantically looking for the _Off!_ switch, there goes the threshold.

Not being all /that/ confident of African ATC, I keep myself about ten feet high and 15 knots 'undecided' to about the 1/4 length mark and Shoar Enuf, just as I'm about to make the land-or-else commitment, here's this bloody great BULK of my erstwhile #2 'leading the way' down the middle of the Road like it was Christmas and he was the Friggin' Pope!

Now that's just _rude_.

Lead, Follow or 'Whatever' but get thee THE HELL OFF THE ACTIVE!

I mean we each managed to take off _together_ on _opposite_ sides of the little yellow line now /didn't we/??

And I _know_ I was firmly 'in the right' of my-side cleared pavement.

If he was in such an all-fired Top Gun hurry get back to the bar and brag to the local conchitas, he could have at least 'shared' or turned off at the first taxiway.

Maybe I gotta use the Little Boys Room too, ya know?

But Nooooooo. Lolligagging like a C-5 with /My Grandmother/ at the controls...right down the center stripe.

Fingering him in the best LA freeway tradition, wishing for the .44 I keep in my /real/ glove compartment (I probably _did_ melt his verticals with my AB=Oh-NOOO! blast) I do a Cobra fit to make Kvotchur Proud and practically crawl back into the sky.

Only to then get a Zoom (once the pollock inertias got done deciding up-versus-forward) sufficient to water my eyes.

I /just/ barely remembered my gear as I crossed 200 about 3,000ft up.

And what does The Wingmonster do? Lifts off again and comes after me! Such Loyalty, Maverick, (++ get thee away daemon!++).

Well this time, by the Elder Gawds, I've got his number and counter with an immediate reverse-tactical, 'downwind', right onto the numbers (all that time in JF-18 /duz/ have it's uses...), watching the HUD tilt about 15` as I frantically >>>>>>> THIS WAY! take the first (last) exit and stand on the brakes while Wierd Al Crazeovic does his best 'A-duuuuh, now-where-did-he-go?' lost moron impression.

And the screen fades to a white event horizon.

Mind, I'm /still/ ticked about the kill:flight hour ratio. ONE Frogger, what a waste of a good AMRAAM.

I'd forgotten how much I 'liked' this game, now I know why...;-) KP

P.S. Anybody know how to turn off the green and reds? I can't find a discrete on my command card and I feel 'wrong' flying around on Dawn Patrol in enemy airspace with them on.

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