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Author Topic: Real low-altitude-flying
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posted 05-13-2000 03:22 PM     Profile for Skybird   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I just found out what a pilot's fun is really about. I prefer to fly combat missions at altitudes below water-line, because down there I'm no longer visible to radar anyway, and the enemy never expects me to attack him from underneath. BTW, closing in on an deep-going enemy sub on afterburner really could ruin that sonar-man's day, meaning trouble for them, double-fun for me and nothing for you. What a lovely life this is! From below the waves, Skybird out.
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posted 05-13-2000 04:03 PM     Profile for Rosco   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Actually, after experiencing what sim systems and weapons modelling SHOULD be like in all it's glorius intricacies with Jane's F/A-18, and after coming away impressed by the abilites of some of the naval surface combatants in that game, I'll have to say I wouldn't so no to an accurate Slava/Sovremenny or Ticongeroga/'Burke sim.

You'd have plenty of systems and weopons to work with, and many, many mission profiles and geological settings available, which I think would more than offset the relately slow rate of transit and sameness of immediate terrain. Anyway, just my take.

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Kurt Plummer
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Hey Rosco,


I remember playing a game called 'AEGIS' (IIRC) and I'm fairly sure there was at least one other game based on the CG-47 class.

I had a ball run-and-gunning the Tico to defend the British Task Force off the Falklands. Did pretty good until I ran out of Standards and couldn't leave to restock that required me to defend Falklands Sound with Seacat and Sea Dart.

'Realistically' (frustrating as hell) I couldn't set deeplane missile traps to the West of the Islands and my SHAR support was very shortterm pitiful however so I ended up getting hosed by and airforce that must have been closer to the Russians than the Argies in size...

Had to go to the 5" and CIWS far too often (don't think they modelled Slick-32 or RBOC?) and that got me dead because it had so many flip-to-on safety and command tracking cue settings and not much accuracy (IMO).

The game's two biggest problems were it's agonizing diskaccess and it's lack of decent graphics.

It played like an ACMI screen with 3D vector-trace graphics highlighted with the odd bit of colorized dirtscape but things like SAM intercepts were a SINGLE sequence of (airframe type doesn't matter) missile-range cine photography that could literally slow a 386-33 or 486-25 (duuuh, I think) to a crawl for minutes at a time while this tiny (by todays standards) clip loaded. Two or more at the same time and you would likely crash the machine.

Added to this, the thing had limited precontact maneuver options and only really proceeded in 'realtime' with with upwards of 3-4 minutes of this-formation-that-formation delay (when the attacks did come, they came fast and furious however and Canberras seemed to close nearly as quick as Daggers...).

About every other extended engagement, the beast would dump my machine completely and so once I finally beat the Falklands scenario (and went to some naval yard for a refit with Mk.41 VLS prior to the next campaign) I got mad and took it back.

The thing I'd like to see more of however is the 'triple threat' with ASW, ASUW, AAW all integrated and coming at you at once, possibly to include TBM and cruise 'theatre wide'.

That would let you use the AEGIS system as-intended: via datalink as a battlecoordinator for AAW.

Also the ASW/AAW elements of modern helo warfare just aren't really well replicated (drop a line of active/passive buoys, get a bearing line, and 'L' the bracket with a new line until you could triangulate (an 'expert mode' would also include at least a semidynamic thermocline '3D' effect) and then MADman him and drop a flare so a P-3 can come in and lay down a Mk.46/55 or B-57 KABOOM!.

Or have the helos scuttle about forming false targets and giving the real vessels time to turn-off the expected bearing dump a decoy or chaff cloud and then come back to course from-under to unmask their terminal defense weapons...

In that way, you could do say a whole /class/ of light-vessels: Arleigh Burke, Spruance/OHP, maybe an ASST/ASW airframe (Atlantic, V-22, Nimrod, P-3, S-3). AND the 'bad guys' with PCI/FAC/PHM/Hovercraft/DDG of their own (replay of Vincennes with you as the Iranian gunning for the U.S. Navy...;-).

Again, the AEGIS system serves as your primary datalink handler and 'skipping out' to the outer pickets for certain mission segments, as needed, (kill the SSK/SSN or shortstop the PCI/FAC or whatever) you have AI warfare officers (on different ships) of varying skill control the battles you're too busy too.

Kurt Plummer


Navy Fact File

Mindscape Tico?

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posted 05-14-2000 12:25 AM     Profile for Rosco   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Kurt >

I've recently seen one of the titles you were refering to but a thick coat of dust and a glance at pre-Pentium/WIN95 system requirements disuaded me. I'd love to see a "modern" re-take on the subject done by someone like SSI, and that would be hopefully be enabled to "plug in" to that company's future Flanker titles. Centric control and real player input would be a must, else I'd just Harpoon a Fleet Command.

"And if you don't like it, eat a gun"

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