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Author Topic: EF2000 Typhoon
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posted 05-18-2000 06:40 PM     Profile for Ozias   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Heretic, maybe 'Momma's Gotta Die Tonight' is more relevant here...

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posted 05-18-2000 07:29 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hmmm. Lets see.
This moron is of asian decent. Ever hear of Vietnam? For that matter, what about Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

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posted 05-18-2000 08:30 PM     Profile for goanna   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I wonder what part of Asia he's from?
If Japan, what about the rape of Nanking or the Sandokan Death March?
If Chinese, what about the seizure of Tibet?
If Cambodian, well I'll just mention the name Pol Pot (enough said here)
I could keep going, but what would be the point? I don't hold this guy responsible for the actions I mentioned above, anymore than I hold a 5 yr old American child responsible for the enslaving a group of people solely due to skin colour. It is exactly this type of blind self perpetuating hatred which has kept the Balkans in the state its in for God knows how long..

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posted 05-18-2000 09:03 PM     Profile for Heretic   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Wake-up people this guy is from african origin .
He talk about slavery and white people killing his family (english).
Thats why i referred to the black sh!t he dump. Hes not probably as black as my whathever god bless my great grandmother. But he still have the WASP (We All Suck *****)dumb****ed thoughts but inverted. Another unwise, unlearner, drived by some stupid would be wise, would be gangsta fag dicksucker.


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posted 05-19-2000 02:56 AM     Profile for Laser01   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

HAHAHA, nothing like a fight in the bar to liven up an otherwise rainy Friday morning.

As for not playing a combatsim for some morale reason, what a laugh - think about it!

Rapier - do you play F/A-18, an American Navy sim? Just thought I'd ask because youæll be pleased to hear the American Navy was founded by one John Paul Jones, and guess which Nationality he was?


Have a nice weekend all,

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Gavin Bennett
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posted 05-20-2000 06:58 PM     Profile for Gavin Bennett   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Well, folks, as someone who is Irish, I think I have a perspective on this matter. To all of you, especially Rapier. You cannot punish the grandchildren of even the worst killer in the world. What does that mean. Whatever horrors occured in the past; that was the past, and the past has got to stay just that - the past. If not you get Belfast, or you get Yugoslavia.

Yes bad things happened to your people. Bad things happened to my people. Bad things happened to everyone's people. Maybe it was the British with their colonialism. Maybe it was the Germans. Maybe it was the Americans. But the past is a pretty worthless currency. The only thing with any value is right now, and what is to come.

"Who cares where national borders lie,
Who cares whose laws your governed by?
Who care what name they call a town,
who cares when your six feet beneath the ground"
That's from a song called Sunrise by my favourite band, the Divine Comedy. It's about Northern Ireland.

It's no different. It's just holding onto pain for the sake of it.

The world really has come a long way when students in Russia and dentists in Croatia and retired fighter pilots in England can play a game called Flanker 2 against one another.

I, for one, is looking forward to fly Typhoon, and pretending, for a little while, that I am an RAF officer.


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posted 05-21-2000 09:17 AM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Well said Gavin.Although there will be many out there that are totaly ignorant to your words.............until it happens to them!
Why does it always happen like that????

OT: Did you see Charlton Heston(president of the NRA) Shouting- the only way they will get my guns off me is from my "cold dead fingers"

Or they have Pete Sampras *preaching* gun safety..........just 'cause of his nick' "pistol Pete"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imagine Jorge Alberts of Rangers FC preaching DIY........'cause they call him "The Hammer"!!!!!!

Talk about losing the plot or what?

Anyway,take care over there in Ireland my friend
"In Dublins fair city where the girls are so pretty......."


"Flying is the second greatest thing known to man!
The first is landing!!"

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posted 05-21-2000 12:15 PM     Profile for Zager   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
EF2000 2.0 had the U.S. national marking in
low visbility grey. I thought that was
unrealistic. It's not unheard of U.S. pilots
fly for other countries (Battle of Britan,
& Flying Tigers in China) I saw on Nightline
years ago that in a Air Force type Top Gun meet an American pilot flew a Canadian F-18 against
U.S. F-15's. (and beat it)
Anyway I think in Iceland U.S. would want
keep the Atlantic shipping lanes free.
Esp. if there was a U.S. war going on somewhere else in the world. In that case
(maybe) U.S. pilots would fly British.

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posted 05-21-2000 12:43 PM     Profile for Zager   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Another scenario if China has a civil war then because of political posturing, U.S.
might want to keep a low profile and U.S. pilots would be in British or Euro planes.

Its getting hot around here,
Good Luck...

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Vodka Bear

posted 05-21-2000 05:14 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
You are goddaemn morons on the both sides - American, European, what a difference for me? But I'm so happy I can fly Flanker2.0 and Mig-29 in Janes USAF and kick some american butts in the air. Now I want Typhoon to feature SU-37 as flyable plane and I wanna kick some european asses as well!

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Member # 836

posted 05-21-2000 07:44 PM     Profile for Cookie   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Okay now all you Americans and Europeans out there: Let´s unite and start bashing Russia now!
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posted 05-22-2000 08:49 AM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Vodka Bear,
I think you have drunk your forename?.... Rusia is *spelt* Russia
With a Name like Typhoon- i think it highly unlikely that you will be flying any Russian hardware???? will be primarly about the Typhoon.


"Flying is the second greatest thing known to man!
The first is landing!!"

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posted 05-23-2000 12:26 PM     Profile for Fotzy   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

I do not blame you for being upset with the British. They took over China (Earth's oldest culture) and got them hooked on opium, it is true. But I would urge you (more gently than some of these other folks in this thread) to step back for a moment and try to see that barbarism is not a purely European trait. The Mongols were unbelievable brutes 700 years ago. I mean, they were destructive on a level that (technology being equalized) made the Nazis look like the junior varsity team.

And the Chinese under Mao managed to kill roughly 60 million people (Hitler "only" got 20 million) with the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and his Communist revolution (against Chaing Kai Check - forgive the spelling, please - and the American backed Nationalists).

Pol Pot, China and Tibet, the Iraqis & Turks against the Kurds (this is horrible), the Arabs against the Berbers (not all Algerians are Arabs), the Japanese and how they treated the Europeans they conquored in the Orient (see "Bridge on the River Kwai" or, even better, try to find the History Channel's "real" version of how it happened - it closely resembles the Nazis in Eastern Europe), the Israelis against the Palestinians (and vice-versa), India and Pakistan (Hindu vs. Islam), India vs. Tamil, the Japanese and the Koreans and the Chinese (Nanking, for example), and, what seems the most horrible to me, the African tribal genocides - read up on Sierra Lion, where pre-teenage kids are kidnapped from their villages and made to rape and cut open pregnant women (and worse); all of these illustrate just how horrible people can be to each other in general. Brutality is a natural (and unfortunate) part of being human. The most effective brutes seem to be the ones who make it in this world.

But there is kindness, too, as your ostensibly safer life in Canada illustrates. I know it can be rough, but at least your folks have somewhere to go. And Canada is pretty nice! Victoria and Vancouver are really, really something else! I would urge you to accept that brutality is a human trait, but the more civilized we become, over time, the more we are able to overcome our prurient nature. As evidence I would offer that the world almost destroyed itself (in Europe and the Orient) twice in the past century. This was recent enough that many of us still have grandparents (some even without Alzheimer's disease) who were there, active in real history. But the magic, in its own strange, twisted, and downright weird way, is that right when atomic weapons and highly accurate delivery systems (which could be armed also with viruses, bacteria, and poison) were invented and deployed, the world put the breaks on and the Cold War somehow, despite its horror, never became hot. That is the first time in history that nations refrained from fighting when they had so much to fight over.

In 200 years, if we as a species are still around, our descendents will look at 1945 as the year when we started, albeit very slowly and very imperfectly, to master our own brutal nature and to refrain from killing ourselves like we were before. And given the advances in weapons technology (something all of us flight simulator addicts should really know about), it seems that we might have started to turn things around just in time. Remember those virtual bombs we are dropping could be filled with much more nasty NBC stuff than virtual high-explosive.

So, I don't blame you for being angry by your family's misfortune at the hands of the British. But I would urge you to back up for a moment and learn what you can about world history, its horrors and beauty, and try to better understand all of our places in it. For good or evil, all of our cultures are doing the best we can.


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