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Author Topic: F/A-18 Don't buy it! is not finished by far!!!

posted 01-14-2000 06:21 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Major Tom - Its people like you killing off the flight sim world by polluting the forums with your abnoxious attitude. Grow up a bit will you, let people make up their own minds, about the latest sims.
Your beloved F-18 has cost you the equivalent of a meal in a restaurant , its not a multi-million pound military flight sim, you dumb arse !

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posted 01-15-2000 11:33 PM     Profile for Wolf1   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Major Tom

You claim to be a Military pilot, yet your posts reek of spelling errors. I assumed Military pilots were highly educated. You either have bad spelling or your just some 14 year old wannabe. But heh, it's the Internet. You can become anyone you wish I guess.

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posted 01-15-2000 11:55 PM     Profile for SGAV8R   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Nah, he's not a fighter pilot, he's a SUPERFIGHTER pilot. His jet goes from 0-10,000 in 2 seconds, he can stall, spin & still recover his jet, INVERTED, swept wing too! The, he woke up

Take my advice, I don't use it anyway

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posted 01-16-2000 01:14 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Mig Alley is more of an action game...then a flight sim. Graphics...bleh...
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posted 01-16-2000 03:51 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
well it seems that there are a few people posting now that actually know the skinny on the real f-18. some things you need to realize in these sims are that not everything is going to be "realistic" but very close. the reason being that if they were realistic the military/aircraft manufacturer would be giving up classified information that anyone would be able to exploit weaknesses on. i would also tend to agree that a reality check is in order it is after all entertainment. for all the civilian pilots without military flight experince don't be so quick to blast something you know nothing about. we military aviators affectionatley refer to all our aircraft as some kind of pig be it whistling, leaking, non-flying or just plain bi*$h but it usually is with some kind of reason behind it
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posted 01-16-2000 07:31 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hey guys, you want to avoid starting a flame war in this forum?

Let's say just bought a dissapointing flight sim from EB or so. We know that you just got to speak what's in your mind about the sim or else that thing in your head is just gonna explode sooner or later. The thing is, you better not "whine" nor "troll" in the forum, because well, you really wanna start a flame war, Chuck? So, what's your next move then?

Let's say you hate Mig Alley (like RV)-
You: That Mig Alley sucks @ss. It got none of the graphics of F4, nor the immersion of Janes F/A-18.
Mom: It's OK, son. You're gonna get over it in awhile.

On the other hand, you can bring this to the forum
You: My wife's cooking sucks @ss

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tommy gun

posted 01-16-2000 10:33 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Notice how Major Tom always ignored every time he was proved wrong.
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posted 01-17-2000 08:22 AM     Profile for warrior   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hey you guys,

I really don't have a clue about Janes F 18 cause I never did like any Janes sim ( hey, it can happen) :-)
But I think everyone is missing one big point, a universal truth for all flight-sims;
There is NO sim, not one, that was finished upon initial release. There is NO sim that was perfectly what everyone expected. These tend to vary, something about human nature.
Not even Falcon 4.0 can be said to be totally realistic, I pulled some stunts in that game that not even TAW would let me get away with... It's hard but it's NEVER the real thing.
I'm willing to believe F 18 has some issues that need to be adresses but there's no use in flaming F 18 until its first (or 2nd or 3rd) patch.
And there's never any use in getting personal.
But Tom, if you have anything to say, try doing it like a civilized person. You sound more like a druling, raving lunatic than anything else using harsh language like you do. It makes you look like a teenager with a unhappy youth, someone who's opinions are rarely appreciated.
Oh and please, there is no way that you're a pilot. There is a difference between those things you see flying in the air and those things on your computer display you know :-)
Stay frosty!

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posted 01-19-2000 12:48 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Hurricane:

Jane F18 SUCKS.

Graphics; lighting is way too dark.

Sound; there practically isn't any in the
cockpit view.

Gameplay; did you ever get the radar
to work in STT mode? Doesn't seem to work
at all.

Gee, whaddya know. YOu actually have to know
and /understand/ the radar to get it to work.

And even then, it isn't a magic box.

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posted 01-19-2000 12:59 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Major Tom:
Yes, I am a pilot.

...and I still cant get the plane to stall, spin, or go much faster than a super saber. The flight model is totaly fake, phoney, doctored up, ect. It's something along the lines of a novalogic simulation. Interstingly enough, Janes F-15 had a rather good model, not the best out there, Su-27 Flanker had it beat, but still it was good. This flight model just feels so damn cheesy.

My extensive 7 hours worth of flight testing was done in a variety of aircraft configurations. I bought F/A-18 with no pre concieved notions of how it was going to perform. I really had no expectations of it. My opinions come from nearly a weeks worth of putting the sim through it's riggors, graphics problems asside for a large part of the time.

This plane just isn't flying right.

If the graphics where complete crap and the flight model was stunning I could whole heartedly forgive Janes F/A-18. I played Su-27 Flanker for quite a while and had no problems with that sim's graphics. It takes a combination effort to ruin a sim. Graphics, Gameplay, and Flight Model all have to be extremely bad. In this case they are all bad, every single aspect of this simulation is bad.

What a bunch of mickey mouse **** the guys at Janes pulled off. I didn't anyone at Janes could program a sim so bad, even the Israeli's. And those dumb *** Israeli's at pixelogic program some pretty ****ing bad sims.

Man, I cant ****ing believe that they canceled A-10 for this sim. Those assholes are going down big time for this crap.

You know what the final kick in the balls is for all of us? DI's Super Hornet is actually worse than Janes F/A-18!

So much for Janes. You think the quake loving public is going to stomach a sim where it feels like you are driving a mack truck? EA isn't going to put up with this mickey mouse **** from Janes. Fleet Command already bombed big time in the states. Maybe EA will get the old Air Combat Series team back together. Get us a nice remake of Chuck Yeagers Air Combat, hell, maybe even a US Navy Fighters 2.

I already sent off some E-mails to various EA exec's, asking them to get rid off Janes. Nice formal type ones. No harsh language filled ones like I sent to the top people at Janes Combat.

Oh we coulda had a great simulation from Janes. One with a very accurately modeled A-10 thunderbolt, it was a sure thing, the sim was nearly done to! We could have had a A-10 simulation ready and on the shelves for christmas. I saw the damn thing in person, Janes A-10 was destined for greatness.

What a god damn shame.

Geeze you're a fool.

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posted 01-19-2000 01:00 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Originally posted by Rosco:
Major Tom > Regarding the flight mode, it may actually be accurate. The real aircraft was reported to be stall and spin proof in actual flight testing, and to be "eerie" or "video game like" by test pilots. It's top speed {lightly loaded} is around MACH 1.6 at 36000 feet. At lower altitudes and with higher weights it's barely supersonic. All fighters lose a huge chunk of top speed when carrying ordnance, the F-15 with eight AAM's is only good for MACH 1.7 tops. It used to bug me why I could never get up to the advertised top end in flight sims 'till I did some research on the subject.

Hey! Don't confuse him with facts!

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posted 01-19-2000 01:03 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Major Tom:
[B]Still cant stall or spin the aircraft.

How many ****ing times do you have to have
this explained to you?

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posted 01-19-2000 02:04 PM     Profile for Slingshot   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Quit ressurecting this old, "dead", flame-laden topic. Let this sick dog dies. I see this topic being one of the lasts on the list in Jets forum and now is coming back up (I always set the forum to 2 days) . Weird, eh.

I'm in for a better quality discussion and this topic doesn't represent it. It's better not to try to lengthen it furthermore.

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