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Author Topic: DirectX 7 to DirectX 6.1 How i did it....
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posted 01-08-2000 10:17 AM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Both my wife's and i machines are on a LAN,so the other night her machine(on boot-up) wouldn't allow her to open *anything*(Explorer,Ctrl Panel,CD-ROM drives etc,etc)-it looked for a "Windos.exe" which didn't exist on neither machine-so rather than *tell me* she searched my machine through Network NeighborHood and *Knocked out my machine*
So fortunately having a CDRW my back ups were in order.
So a friend said that i could re-install windows without Formating and *not* change the Registry etc which would replace the missing exe/files etc.(there isn't a Windos.exe on the Win98 thru search)
So boot disk at the ready/Win98 in the CD-ROM
I booted up the Virtual drivers etc then pressed D:\setup and after 3 boot-ups & 15 mins a "fresh Win98" was installed on both machines-yes everything works? games,programes,drivers are unchanged *except* DirectX(system)-which was now DX5!
I had had loads of probs with DX7 and it was *gone*
So i installed DX 6.1 from the MA CD then ran DX diagnostics from System Tools and found out only 2 files were out of date *not* newer(DX7)ddraw16.dll/ddraw.dll
So ran USAF/F4 and the change was *outstanding* no more "shimmer" in F4 better Graphics(like "old" F4)USAF -the explosion craters used to "flash",now it's just plain gorgeous!
I have a Custom Built machine PIII 500 with all drivers upto date for it(although i was running DX6.1(as opposed to DX7.0) on the V3 thinking the graph probs were due to them)
So it's
DX6.1 System(as opposed to DX7-good riddance)
DX6.1 V3
and *no* format!
Just a re-install of win98=15 mins=Game probs
Rem;this is from your boot disk? *not* Auto-run.
It works absolute fine and recommend it to anyone-it "killed" DX7 on my machine.
The first time *ever* i was glad that my wife knocked out my machine


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posted 01-08-2000 11:04 AM     Profile for Spectre   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Interesting post Tracer but I'm weary of doing such an install. The reason is that the original registry remains on your rig and it 'might' be corrupt. At first there won't be any probs but later on their might be some conflicts.

I personally reformat my HD every 6 months or so. Actually its not a full blown format but more of a delete/scan and then reinstall everything. The advantage of having a large HD is that you can partition it into various partitions and save all your files, patches, etc. without having to worry about having them backed up.

Downside: it takes a tad longer but you WILL have a cleaner installation and a fresh registry which is of the utmost importance

As for DirectX 7.1 being a prob. I haven't had any... I have a custom built rig as well along with the latest drivers for everything and haven't noticed anything bad (nothing 'good' either )

My rig:
Pentium III 500 overclocked to 560
128 MB PC133 RAM
C Labs TNT2 Ultra 32 MB vid card (2.08 drivers)
Monster Voodoo II 8 MB SLI (latest release drivers)
C Labs Sound Blaster 64 AWE (no CPU hoggin here )
3Com ISA (onboard controller..for great online connection speeds) 56K modem
LinSys NIC for my LAN
And about 6 fans to keep the case cool

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posted 01-08-2000 11:22 AM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I know Spectre,but it was worth the *little* effort to get my machine up again-the good thing is the reg is backed-up and *as* it was a file prob the damaged/missing file was replaced?
Yes,i will format and install Win98(not in any hurry though)-but it is good to know that what i did *works*
If of course it had been a program as opposed to windows at fault then of course i would have re-installed that instead
Incidently,the reg checker only had "old files"-which i expected with Win98
At least it should get anybody "running" to back up files etc.*Then* if they have probs format/install Win?


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posted 01-09-2000 09:04 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
TRACER!!! WINDOS.EXE is a virus!!! That's why none of your programs would' an article about it...

[E-Mail]...Yes you are right about the trojan....the trojan is BackDoor-G.ldr and not the one you say, Norton can find it only after you have execute the specific file and create the windos.exe.
It is very easy to remove the trojan, you have to be off-line and DON'T delete the windos.exe.

Perform the following registry change:

Run REGEDIT or a similar program and search for windos.exe. edit the value and remove the windos.exe from the registry, after that you may search with the AntiVirus program to find and delete the windos.exe file!!

Here is a picture to take a look what I mean with the registry

Thanks Nick for the above info!

Get Norton Antivirus 2000 or Dr Solomon's ver 7.99, the only ones that recognized that nasty backdoor virus...If you had it must find the source. Thought you'd like to know...

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posted 01-09-2000 10:53 AM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Mechx,thank you very much-if it hadn't been for you, i/we(wife) would have been none the wiser?
I have searched thru Norton and can't find out what to edit my registry as per your post?Yes i found a million posts on the Norton site but none as specific as your edited e-mail?
I found the Windos.exe and the other files that it(BackDoor-G.ldr) installs,but i'm not sure what the "value" is i've to edit?
i have three files;
NODLL.EXE - (This exe is installed in WINDOWS folder. It is used to load the main trojan
server)i found this on the McAfee site
Any help appreciated,Mechx if possible could you describe how to edit the "values" from the registry as per the e-mail?
and what file is it *.*windos.exe or windos.exe?

Once again thanks!


[This message has been edited by Tracer (edited 01-09-2000).]

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posted 01-09-2000 02:01 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Tracer...first thing you for the file, just like this... windos... don't use any other letters..etc. Once it finds an the right side of the reg window, (left side is ok too, right click on the entry...then click delete, that's all, don't worry about any values. Continue your search and delete all the entries you find. Then, after you're done, close the reg. click start, then find files, (all hard drives) search for..windos..if it finds anything with windos it it..DELETE IT!..if you can't delete it..reboot in dos mode and delete it! That's it! Run your virus scanner again to make sure your clean and all is well!

Have fun and your welcome,

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posted 01-09-2000 02:27 PM     Profile for Tracer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Mechx,it's sorted-McAfee found the virus deleted all traces of and i'm nice and clean again ;0
Me & the Wife spent about 3-4 hours looking for this virus but if you hadn't given us the name:"BackDoor-G.ldr"(or sub7,subseven) we would *never* have found the info on it?
Thank god we were connected by LAN and not on-line when this happened ,because it allows the person whom posted it(atacheable by e-mail,screen saver & game update) full access to the persons computer without them knowing!!!! when they are on the internet thru ICQ,IRC.....phew!
Mechx,hope you have a prosperous New Year and
good health!
Imagine.....i just came here for my weekend browse???(4 years been doing it) and "boast" how i installed windows ha,ha,ha-i'd buy you a drink mate if you were local

Tracer & wife

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posted 01-09-2000 04:13 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I'm glad I could help...I had it too...but my Dr Soloman Backround scanner caught it...I learned well...always have the backround scanner on!

Have fun!

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