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Author Topic: The most realistic flight sim?
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posted 11-27-1999 07:14 AM     Profile for Phil47     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Reading Box-Mans post the other day was very informative, though at the same time depressing as I have just bought FS 2000 in favour of FU111.....Oh well, maybe I'll buy both ( wish you had told me that earlier ).. LOL...
Well whatever said about 2000, I have had some great fun with it and boy I can tell you It's no picnic trying to get that Jet Ranger to hover three feet above the ground....It is however a very in depth sim, with stacks of tutorials, Jeppeson SIMcharts, GPS etc.
ATC is active in the adventures but it would be nice to have some add-ons featuring ATC in some shorter flights. (Something I gather FU111 has)... Still I expect one is asking a bit much, when you have the whole world to deal with.
Of course where 2000 scores is that it is handy for us Brits who want to fly round an area that we recognize..Or pop over to Paris for the afternoon.....I tend to fly round Switzerland a great deal....Yeh they have even got the valley where my cousin has a chalet..Hey ! and there's the mountain where we took the kids snowboarding!!
Anyway enough of my reminiscings.. What I really wanted to say was. Yes! I think all serious flight simmers should have at least one commercial sim... No guns....No bombs.

I am a professional guitarist by trade ( No! I won't name drop....LOL ) and now at 52 am head of contemporary music. Somewhere down south in England.... I teach guitar full time nowdays and have noticed a similarity between some of my pupils who have flight sims and who are also learning guitar.
" Hey Sir, I have been playing guitar for three weeks now, could we do Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen? "..........And.....
"Hey Sir I've just got Mig Alley"...
Can't take off....Land ...Navigate...Just get straight in on the action by pressing skip.....Wiggle the stick around and keep my finger on the fire button".
Of course there are the pupils who realize the long way is the only way... Practice week in and week out. Join the local band to get experience and also get something like MS 98 . Do the tutorials and get to know the basics of flight..

Hey !! now before someone jumps down my throat .... There is nothing wrong with going straight to the action. We are all guilty of that at one time or another. In the same way as I write out an easy version of a chart topping hit for the kids.. *!*?*!. No one wants to start on twinkle twinkle little star, but after playing for some time, most kids realize that if they want to go any further, at some time or another they will have to get to know some theory.

What you gets out of it, is what you puts into it.....
Like music. The world is full of guitarists sitting in stores throughought the world... Hey I can play the intro to Joe Vindaloos Cantata in Bb minor backwards and the intro to every Hendrix song written...But can't do a gig.......Cause I don't know the **!?*" rest of the tune..Chords!!..What are they??

Anyway...To cut a very long story short..LOL.
I think its a great idea for young ( and old ) simmers to do some basic ground work on an old Cessna. Get to know a little on instruments, navigation etc....Yeh ! and in the meantime.. Get up there and blow a few bandits out of the air...Don't worry about how to get back to the airfield...Just press X.
Phil......(your man in the UK)

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posted 11-27-1999 07:22 AM     Profile for Phil47     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
PS...To my last post.
Re Super Hornet.
See....Told you it wasn't out over here yet.
It's all probably to do with £££ $$$$.
Gonna get a hit in just before Christmas. They probably don't want it to hit the stores round the same time as MS 2000....Only just out over here.
Well whatever the excuse is..You can bet your bottom dollar that it is something to do with £££££ $$$$$$$.......Ha ha Ha ha.
( Christ!...If I owned the company I'd do the same ).

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posted 11-27-1999 08:33 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Must admit that the time spent w/ FSXX & Propilot have made some combat sims more interesting- managing prop speed, trim, cowl flaps etc. adds immersion IMHO (and might come in handy some day?).

But the first thing that came to mind when I saw this thread was 'NOT Falcon4'!

Despite its very impressive modeling of flight, weapons/avionics & military ops my beef was that the real world in no way supports the deadly nature of Eastern Bloc hardware it models (other than in paper spec sheets). Western A/C have always performed much, much better than they seem to in F4.

However, the truth may be more subtle... the X factor may lie in shadowy factors of classified tech, training, experience or morale that the F4 team didn't care to speculate on?


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posted 11-27-1999 02:14 PM     Profile for mbaxter   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Yes - F4 is utterly rediculous in the way it represents the Soviet hardware you face. This stuff is just not a fraction as good in real life. In F4, the SA-7 is far superior to the Stinger, and the SA-2 is far superior to the Western HAWK, Patriot, or ADATS systems.

Really lame. However, there are mods to address these failings. Look for a guy who goes by Cyborg8 on the F4 forum.

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posted 11-27-1999 08:06 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
As somebody already mentioned many gamers want to simulate the “combat pilot experience” and not the pure flight experience or combat flight experience. I can take a plane, fly for hours and enjoy just doing the basics, however this is what my life is pretty much about and I know to enjoy a good flight model. This was, I believe, the problem with F2. Even though it is a combat simulation, many people consider it to be too basic and there you could see how many people don’t enjoy combat aircraft simulations but rather play combat pilot simulations. I personally would like to see more challenging navigation in civil aviation sims. The terrain detail has improved so much that now we could try to navigate using regular ICAO maps. Forget map cheats, known wind, GPS. How about deviation and variation instead? I can’t remember this has been simulated yet. I know some areas you can get lost so fast, it still amazes me. Now this is a challenge, and I know a lot of pilots still have their problems finding their way from A to B without using GPS or other aids.
Anyway, if I could play a gig, showing off, before learning how to play a guitar… I would do it instantly! So do many gamers… jump in a fighter, safe the world, feel good. I could imagine some never noticed that you actually can land an aircraft. Still, the most important part is, that everybody is having fun.

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posted 11-28-1999 12:24 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Phil47 - you're a British guitarist who's into flight sims? Being an American, I have to prefer the P51 to the Spitfire and the F15E to the Tornado IDS, but there is no substitute for Marshall and Hiwatt. Rule Britannia!
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posted 11-28-1999 10:58 AM     Profile for Phil47     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Don't get me wrong guys,
I love the shoot em ups just like everyone else, but in the final analysis I think I get most enjoyment planning a route and amazing myself that I can actualy get from A to B...Line up with a runway some 100 miles away in bad visibility and land on the thing....Ha Ha Ha....Took me ages to work out how to fly the radials on a VOR...Kept at the bloody thing for months....But then as I said earlier, it's a bit like playing guitar (practice makes better).....
I drive my wife mad, going over the same piece of music hour upon hour....Like when I first got into sims....My son thought I was stark staring crazy......" Hey Dad, you must have practised taking off and landing that thing over 1,000 times, don't you ever get fed up with it"?

Yes like in the real world it would be nice to get up and do a gig after playing guitar for three weeks (mind you , some bands sound like they have....Ha Ha )..But if you are playing with the Pro boys and do sessions .Hell you sure have to know your stuff...Believe me.

I probably take the thing far too seriously ( always wanted to be a pilot since I was a kid)....Lets face it , in the real world no rookie pilot is given an F16 and told " Hey there you go...Enjoy."
Friends of mine, who are real pilots, commercial and military all started on high wing trainers..Putting in hundreds of hours, before even getting to sit in a 747, let alone fly one....
And me.Yeh Iv'e flown a few times...A few times being why I'm a guitarist and they are pilots.....Mind you .Thats why they are pilots and frustrated guitarists.Ha Ha Ha...Works two ways......

But whatever depths you want to get into.........Just enjoy it....

PS.... Yeh Marshall Amps are great.I use a JCM 4010....Stuffed full of Sovtec military valves.....But I think you Americans have it over us with the likes of Matchless and Messa Boogies.

Your man in the UK...Phil Still looking out for Superhornet)

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