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Author Topic: Janes F-15 is reborn on my HD! (Long)

posted 11-03-1999 09:58 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Hello all,

A little backround: I bought F-15 when it first came out but then shelved it for a month until I got a 3DFX card. After my purchase of Voodoo2 I played it alot but didnt really get into how immersive the game really was. I cant remember exactly why I stopped playing it again, probably because another game came out that I decided to give my limited CPU time to. I sometimes suffer from having too many good sims to play and not enough time. Anyway, I also own Falcon 4.0,EAW,Red baron 3D, and I also had Flanker 2 for a couple days before I returned it. Before some Flanker 2 fan jumps all over me, I returned it because I have a Voodoo3 card and I think a TNT is needed to get the most out of the sim. With all those sims, its easy to neglect sims that are a couple years old. I know this sim is old and has probably been talked about to death, but here is a story of a mission that I just flew. It might be a little sketchy because I didnt plan on explaining it later.

It is the Iran campaign and the target is an airfield across the gulf. The package includes 6 F-15's(my flight),2 FA-18 escorts,and 2 aircraft for Sam suppresion(FA 18's?). Additional aircraft are available from AWACS also. We take off and meet up with the escorts and head out over the water. Bandits were spotted at our 3 o'clock and I saw the escorts split off to take care of them. About a minute later, another bandit rears his ugly head at our 10 o'clock and my #4 pilot requests permission to engage. Instead of giving him permision to engage, I direct the division flight (#5 and #6) to take care of it. My reason is because #3 and #4 have primary targets and #5 and #6 have secondary targets. So if #4 buys the farm in the dogfight, I would have to worry about tasking the target to sombody else or taking it out myself. After the order,I see the division flights missile shooshing toward the bandit and explode the enemy. I immediatley order them back into formation because the bomb run is almost here. Over the radio I here the SEAD flight calling out attacks on SAM sites and the same time hearing my esorts calling out attacks on bandits. About 20 miles out from the target, I get a SAM launch alarm and Immediatley switch to the threat weapon view and see the Sam lifting off BUT the launcher was exploded almost at the instant I switched views rendering the missile useless. Yeah! the SEAD flight is on the job I thought to myself. Now we are approaching the bomb run and the AA batteries open up around the airfield. I am first in and have set my 107 runway bombs to ripple off 6 saving 6 in reserve for another pass if necesary. Right about now the radio chatter is constant with pilots calling out Sam launches and basically being in trouble. I ripple off my bombs perfectly and then I hear #4 saying he missed(maybe he had to avoid a SAM). I know what his part of the runway is so I hard bank around for another pass. Im lining up the runway when I see a SAM launch at my 10 o'clock and I hear #6 complaining about it. From the cockpit view I can see him jink and chaff and avoid the SAM but just as he did, I saw the smoke trail from another SAM lifting off from the same spot and I had a front row seat as it nailed him. I let my bombs go and took care of #4's part of the runway. All this time the radio has constant chatter, I can hear guys bailing out,bombs being dropped,etc. I also heard one of my planes call out for a scramble for some pilots that ejected and was denied. I switch to air to air and locate a bandit and pursue him, and when I get there, there is already an F-15 on his butt, but I launch anyway and scored a hit. I am about 500 off the deck when I get another SAM launch alert and this one is definitely on my *** . My WSO is screaming for chaff so I start shoveling it out at the same time I do a high G manuever and blackout, lose my orientation, and plunge into the ground.
The results of my flight:
#1(me) dead
#2 Survived
#3 Shotdown by guns Ejected and survived
#4 Ejected and is MIA
#5 Survived with Aircraft Damaged
#6 Shotdown by SAM KIA

I usually dont write posts this long because it takes to much time away from playing. It might be because Im tired of the bugs and FPS in F4, but I thought I would share my thoughts about this "renewed" gem. It might also be because Im trying to spark some interest in this game again so I will have somebody to talk to about it on this board! LOL!


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Force 10,

Ah, I love those night time missions, simply exhilirating! The chatter was pretty good, and when there were lots of planes up there, almost as much chatter as found in Falcon4 .0 Now I know F-15's nights weren't as dark as Falcon 4.0s, but they were just exhilirating! Terrain masking was actually featured, and NOE flying was VITAL! F-15 is still a great sim, but not on my hard drive due to the fact I have Flanker 2.0 now, Falcon 4.0, and Rogue Spear all on one hard-drive, which is pretty small btw. I just recently installed Falcon 4.0, and am completely bored when it comes to deep strike missions. They don't have the same flair as they do in F-15.

I really don't want Janes to do an F/A-18 simulation. I think they should make a sequel to F-15...I really do. No sim has better avionics than F-15, IMO


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Matt Wagner
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...until we release F/A-18. Trust me, the avionics in F/A-18 are going to blow you away. Just the different types of jamming alone are pretty spectacular.


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posted 11-04-1999 12:46 AM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Yea man just wait and see! :-)


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I just recently bought Janes F-15, and I am enjoying every bit of it. I love those night missions too! One time I flew low over an oil field where a huge tank farm was burning, I flew right through it when all of a sudden my WSO starts yelling"Were on Fire!" hehehehe. The flames actually set my plane on fire, I thought this was pretty cool.
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Bah! Humbug! - get the Flying Muffin Utility
Get the Silver Bullet! USE IT! Low level, nap of the earth BAH! Strike packages, coordinating wingman attacks, accuracy, flying through oilfield fireballs - thats for sissies. Here - rightcheer. Go gettum.

Reach for it. Use it! You know you want to.

"When you care enough to send the very best."

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