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Author Topic: Which sim portrays the best feeling of flight?
Major Tom

posted 11-01-1999 02:46 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Flanker 2.0 could have had the best feeling of high speed flight yet, but you just aren't tossed around in the cockpit enough.

It'll be a few years before we get a simulation close to JSF's NAP of the earth flying. But Flanker 2 shows promiss that one day we will have a realistic simulation that'll throw you around the cockpit.

Honestly, JSF's simulation engine is so versitile that you could base the best tank or CAS sim ever made on it without making too many changes. JSF really did set a benchmark for simulation graphics, and still holds a few benchmarks in my opinion.

If only you could get tossed about the cockpit in other sims like Flanker 2.0 and EF2000.

By the way, talk about good simulation coding. JSF used to run silky smooth in software mode on my Pentium 100mhz computer, as did EF2000.

Go figure? It's funny how for a moment in time with EF2000 and JSF, we almost had perfect unity with the hardware availible.

Right now I'd say that Flanker 2.0 is right up there is some of the graphics features of JSF. And light years beyond JSF's flight model.

Flanker 2.0's missions are so cinematicaly done, take the first campaign for instance. You start off at around 20,000ft, transitioning to twilight, with very heavy hazing conditions at low level, so that only the hilltops remain seen. You see a formation of enemy aircraft break and their contrails start going everywhere like something out of WWII.

Dynamic? Semi-Dynamic? Fully Dynamic? Scripted?

Who really cares? If it works, it works. And Flanker 2.0 simply put..."works." I really enjoy Flanker 2.0, it does what MiG Alley did for high speed, guns only dogfighting, to the modern jet age.

It's really nice to finaly have this Simulation out. Personally, I cant wait for that 32bit 3dfx card to come out.

Two words of advice for people new to the Flanker series.


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Brian Wright
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posted 11-24-1999 07:55 AM     Profile for Brian Wright   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
To: Sammer

Noticed your complaint about JSF. Maybe this will help: In the cockpit, hit "1" on the numeric keypad to bring up the control screen in the lower left of the cockpit. Now hit "Alt 3" to select Auto functions. "Alt 4" will then disable the terrain following which will allow you to fly as low as you would like. Just remember if you are being shot at by ground fire as you exit the are then reengage the terrain following computer by hitting "Alt 4" and then engage the autopilot for your planned exit waypoint. The terrain following radar normally defaults to 200ft a height ground fire cannot seem to match.

Regarding missiles as opposed to bombs keep in mind that a cluster bomb can kill more vehicles than one missile while using the same space (one hardpoint). Use the WCMD with 40 skeets total. This is almost guaranteed to wipe out any column you are attacking. For best results, there is a patch for the game which increases the efficacy of both the IR tracking and destructive radius of the weapon. If you don't yet have it I can e-mail it.

Hope you find this and hope it helps.

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posted 11-24-1999 09:48 AM     Profile for Marauder   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Flanker 2.0 !
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tony draper
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posted 11-24-1999 09:54 AM     Profile for tony draper   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
i still think the most intense two minutes any one could have on a sim was run in to release point on a jp232 run in di tornado,bare in mind that the graphics where regarded as very good at that time and also bare in mind it may have taken you up to an hour to set mission up it was ,totaly convincing,the sensation of speed was good, out of auto pilot, thottle to the wall 60 foot agl, tracers coming at you right and left.pumping chaff flares explosions from the rest of your flight taking out hangers ect,and a feeling almost of fear that you would screw it up after taking so much trouble to get to that point, watching your fuel,tot clock ,hiding or running away from migs , none of this dumping ordinance and going after flankers not on your life, like true mud movers you ran away, taking out that runway was all important..hey getting all nostalgic here, any way ,other things make up sensations apart from graphics,the photo realistic stuff looks great from two grand not so hot when you get down where mud movers live.cheers tony d

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posted 11-25-1999 05:16 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
I e-mailed innerloop yesterday(24/11/99)((11/24/99)) and just got the reply that they were in the middle of a mission add on pack but due to outsideforces decided against it.The "boss" said that they might do a jsf2...but don't hold your breath!super hornet out tommorow!!! sorry bud'!
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