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Author Topic: This sim future could be real ... if we want it enough.
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posted 09-24-1999 09:06 PM     Profile for Teapot   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
It only seems like yesterday that I was flying Combat Flightsim X, the latest and greatest ,with a dynamic campaign which barely worked and AI aircraft which flew under a different set of rules of physics than I did. I flew this amazing collection of compromises on a PC with a single CPU, running on Windows 98, which in hind-sight, was woefully inadequate for the job. As I write this, I glance over at my glorious SuSE Linux BEOWULF cluster, my very own super-computer, consisting of multiple daisy chained dual Athlon processors(each available now for a song, in fact the most expensive item in my setup is the home-built fully enclosed, partially articulated cockpit, sporting the best dome projector I can afford) which can grow organically to match the processing power requirements of my Linux based CFS. This is continuously being improved upon, by a core of dedicated CFS enthusiasts from around the world, using a
similar concept to Spectre s Cornerstone project. A fund has been set up(another one of Spectre s and Arrow s ideas) into which members pay a minimum fee to help facilitate further development. I wonder why the rest of the sim development world hasn t caught on yet. Falcon 5 and Flanker 2.5 have come out
and are running on Windows 2000, and it s a toss up which crashes more often, the OS or the app, mind you Flanker 5 is pretty stable considering the odds against it.
If you buy Windows 2000 Server edition, you can cluster, but Linux has been doing this years before, and Linux is mostly free and always stable.
Unfortunately, most developers keep hobbling after a lame OS, because they don't dare to innovate. Having forgotten how to dream, they focus on how to juggle the compromise of features in their sims in order for it to run at a measly 15fps, and sell to the slaves of Microsoft hype, at a pathetic pittance of U.S
$50 or there-about. It s a sad reality. The devotees of these sims end up paying much more than I do for products which aren't nearly as extendible or as complete as the one I fly! Dynamic real time weather? I got it! Full blown realistic AI, good enough to beat the Turing test three times over? I got it! Does that mean complete, unscripted ATC? You bet! A complete and accurate geographical mapping of the world? Can you say real coordinates ? Multiple monitors and a working HUD? I'll blind fold you, put you in my cockpit, and you tell me if what you re seeing is real or computer generated graphics ... hehe... yep, those are ants on the tarmac ... we haven't taken off yet! And yes, until we get hologram viewing systems, you'll need to wear the 3D glasses, sorry. And the planes!!! Wooohooo ... name a plane dudes! My favourite is still the SU-27. But you want WW II, and you got it! Did I hear comms? Which did you mean, speech recognition or networking? Well, there's both, and stable
to boot!
One of the rules of the universe state that the short sighted shall perish, a process of natural selection where those who don t cut the mustard or reach for the opportunity, will disappear until such time they digest and act upon the lessons presented.

Fellow sim pilots, stop for a moment and have a think.
BEOWULF is real and so is Linux. Is Microsoft afraid of Linux? Yep, there was a high profile lecture in one of our capital cities recently run by a NT commercial user group titled THE DANGERS OF LINUX ... draw your own conclusions .
Does Linux care about Microsoft? Nope. Is Linux a better platform for flight simulation than Windows 2000? Is the Pope Catholic? You bet!!

So what is Linux, and what is cluster technology, and who the hell is SuSE and
if BEOWULF isn t some mythical monster, what is it. More importantly, how do these technologies favour me and my hobby?
A quote from the BEOWULF site 'It may well be that this is simply the "right time" in history for the development of Beowulf
class computers. In the last ten years we have experienced a number of events that have brought together all the pieces for the genesis of the Beowulf project. The creation of the causal computing market (office automation, home computing, games and entertainment) now provides system designer with a new type of cost effective components. The COTS industry now provides fully assembled subsystems (microprocessors, motherboards, disks and network interface cards). Mass market competition has driven the prices down and reliability up for these subsystems. The development of publicly available software, in particular, the Linux operating system, the GNU compilers and programming tools and the MPI and PVM message passing libraries, provide hardware independent software. Programs like the HPCC program have produced many years of experience working with parallel algorithms. That experience has taught us that obtaining high performance, even from vendor provided, parallel platforms is hard work and requires researchers to adopt a do-it-yourself attitude. A second aspect to this history of working with parallel platforms is an increased reliance on computational science and therefore an increased need for high performance computing. One could argue that the combination of the these conditions: hardware, software, experience and expectation, provided the environment that makes the development of Beowulf clusters seem like a natural evolutionary event'.

Hmmmm ... sounds good doesn t it? As for SuSE, that s just my personal preference for a Linux distribution. For info on this go to and for general info on Linux go to

If you've perused the sites and made the mind
adjustments necessary, it should become obvious why all of this is pertinent to us.


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posted 09-26-1999 06:58 PM       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Uh, whatever dumbass. I'm playin Flanker2 in a month so I don't need to dream about ten years from now. Flanker2's gonna be the best sim ever made. You can keep your stupid USAF, F4, etc. BTW, has anyone told you to get a life?
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posted 09-26-1999 09:37 PM     Profile for leafer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Ben? Please! Nice try.

Look Ma! I'm Ben. Ben Dover!

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posted 09-27-1999 03:08 AM     Profile for Teapot   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
Heh ...Leafer, ppl like Ben don't rate at all ! .
Like a dung beetle having reached a cow-pat, he feels content that the cow-pat he's about to engorge himself, is the only cow-pat he's ever going to need.
Most innovative ppl on the other hand,(describes most of us? VBG!), often ponder on how to reach cow-pat utopia.
He's shown a predisposition for posterior's (dumbass??) or it could be for donkey, but most likely a donkey's bottom, either way there is a tenuous connection with the dung beetle.
Having owned dromedaries in the past, I am well qualified to make the observation that the pasture of such an animal is replete with that which brings sustenance to the dung-beetle. I didn't expect to find any here though ... hehe!


[This message has been edited by Teapot (edited 09-27-1999).]

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posted 09-27-1999 09:23 AM     Profile for Turbo   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
That's a good one Teapot...remind me never to mess with you... BTW, no pun intended (mess).

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posted 09-27-1999 01:29 PM     Profile for leafer   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

Thank god, my roomate has a Talking-Dict. heheh No really. It's a calculator size electronic dictionary. But for once I'd like to read your post without having to use them, please. ;^)

Hey tea, maybe when you get a chance you can post the pic of your cockpit here? I'd like to see it.

One more thing. I'm very interested in Linux but I read that installing the program itself finding hardware and software for them is a bit hard? But yeah, the author also said more hardware manufacturers and games developers are begining to take Linux seriously! Cool. Maybe in a couple of years we'll start to see games and other useful software supporting it. There's a company that port some pc games to work in Linux but at this point in time it's still unstable and slower than Windows. But yes, I am looking forward to the day when we have an alternative operating system with as much hardware and software support as Windows.

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posted 09-27-1999 02:01 PM     Profile for FalconF1   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote

I thought Teapot was just writing some story. He dont have no projector,cockpit and stuff. Right?

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posted 09-28-1999 04:34 AM     Profile for Teapot   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message   Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote
FalconF1, you're right, it is just a story. Just think of the possibilities though!

Thanks Turbo , and sorry Leafer, didn't mean to sound bombastic .... hehe!


Posts: 218 | From: Toowoomba, Queensland, AUSTRALIA | Registered: Sep 1999  |  IP: Logged

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