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Anyone Seen This?
Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Soviet Armed Forcesí General Staff Reports

In January 1999, Military Parade Ltd. published the book Soviet Military Might: Stalin to Gorbachev, which described the history of the development of armaments and military equipment in the USSR.

The monograph evoked immense public interest and won acclaim among the military, scientists, diplomats and all those who are not indifferent to the history and future of their country. Unfortunately, the book did not give due attention to the role of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Soviet Armed Forcesí General Staff in developing and building up the Soviet Unionís military might.

In this article, we offer our readers excerpts from some of recently declassified documents which have never been published. These documents reveal the role and contribution of GRU to efforts to ensure the Soviet Unionís security.

Top Secret Copy #1 Series K ... I am sending you a SHAPE [Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe - Ed.] document, Nuclear War Plan #200/61 dated January 10, 1962. The document is classified Cosmic Top Secret. ... Supplement: 171 photocopies, only to the addressee ... March 15, 1962

Top Secret

Copy #1

Personally To Comrade Khrushchev N.S.

We hereby report that in early 1963 the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff carried out an operation in which it gained access to... and obtained a large amount of top secret documents.

From February 20, 1963, to January 30, 1964, about 200 documents were obtained. These contain information on the delivery, storage and transferring of nuclear munitions to units of the strike forces of the U.S.A. and NATO stationed in the European zone; information on the organization and location of nuclear munitions supply units, on the location of units and headquarters of the armed forces of NATO member countries, and on operations of the U.S. Navy.


The documents obtained in less than one year helped reveal and confirm very important information on the preparation of the armed forces of the U.S.A. and NATO for using nuclear missiles in the European theater of war.

R. Malinovsky S. Biryuzov February 25, 1964

Top Secret

Copy #1

To Marshal of the Soviet Union

Comrade Biryuzov S.S.

GRU agents in... have recruited a source obtaining valuable and very valuable information and samples of initial products for the production of solid propellants and samples of other important chemicals.


...meetings were organized between the source and Soviet specialists in solid propellants and special-purpose chemistry.

According to the conclusion of the Military Industrial Commission of the USSR Council of Ministers, these meetings were very useful and helped formulate a mission for him [the source

- Ed.], the fulfillment of which will provide us with valuable information and documents concerning solid propellants and their samples...

Colonel General P. Ivashutin May 20, 1964

Top Secret

The only copy

To Marshal of the Soviet Union Comrade Biryuzov S.S.

GRU agents in... obtained a draft of a secret SHAPE document on the use of Pershing missiles, drawn up on February 25, 1964.

The document contains the following information:

- deployment of firing positions of nuclear-tipped Pershing missiles for hitting top-priority targets in the Central European theater of war;

- ...

- combat formations of Pershing missile units;

- ...

- proposals for increasing the number missile units in the period from 1965 to 1970;

- the number of Pershing missiles that can be launched within the first 20 and 50 minutes following the command.

Colonel General P. Ivashutin June 16, 1964

Top Secret

The only copy

On July 30, 1964, Colonel General Comrade Ivashutin P.I. reported to Marshal of the Soviet Union Comrade Biryuzov S.S. a list of the most important documents obtained by us in July of this year.

(In all, the report included 24 strategic, operational, tactical and military-technical documents).

Follows a list of some of them:

- technical description and recommendations concerning the use of computers in the SRIDA-2 automated system intended to control air defense forces and means;

- NATO document... on prospects for the development of armored vehicles in the period up until 1975;

- NATO document... performance characteristics of tanks in service with NATO armed forces;

- NATO document... infrared equipment of the Ground Forces;

- document of the NATO military committee, containing armament specifications for all arms of NATO armed forces in the period from 1970 to 1975;

- report by the technology counselor of the Embassy of France in West Germany to the minister of defense of France on the state of research in nuclear energy.

August 4, 1964

Top Secret

The only copy

List of documents obtained by agents:

1. Report on the state of NATO armed forces in 1963, issued by the Headquarters of the Allied Command Central Europe on February 17, 1964. Classified Cosmic Top Secret.

2. Protocol of the October 22, 1963 meeting of the Allied Command Central Europe... on the nature of a possible war (with or without the use of nuclear weapons)..., on the possible structure of tank deployment in Western Europe under nuclear war conditions within the framework of an advanced strategy. The document was issued on January 20, 1964... and is classified Cosmic Top Secret.

3. Plan of a semi-automatic system for transmitting urgent early warning data to the operations center of the NATO Command in Europe. ...Classified NATO-Secret.

4. Directive of SHAPE to commanders-in-chief in theaters of war in Europe, dated November 4, 1963, on a plan for the development of the NATO Allied Forces in Europe in 1970... Classified NATO-Secret.

April 1, 1964

In conclusion, it should be pointed out that the documents cited above make only a very small part of materials obtained by GRU within a short period of time. This was a result of operations of only one of its structures, although the main one - the strategic intelligence network.

Other GRU structures - strategic radio, space and operational intelligence - also made substantial contributions to the strengthening of Soviet military might. The above-cited documents obtained by GRU were used by author M. Boltunov in his book on operations of Soviet military intelligence in the Cold War years. It is published by the Russkaya Razvedka Publishing House and is expected to come out by the 55th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany.

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