Attack at Dawn: North Africa – Release Announced for Spring 2022 With New Trailer

attack-at-dawn-north-africaPanzer Division Games has announced the release of their upcoming game Attack at Dawn: North Africa for Spring of 2022. They have also released a new trailer showcasing the game’s latest graphics, user interface and outlook.

Watch the Attack at Dawn: North Africa Release Announcement Trailer HERE.

About The Game

This is a WW2 strategy game that puts the player in the shoes of Rommel or Montgomery, fighting a vicious battle in the deserts of North Africa. It can be played in a real-time, or turn-based (WeGo) mode, which reflects the speed and chaos of the desert mobile warfare.

Game map and the units have been designed to be informative and easy to understand. With the ability to zoom out and see the entire battlefield with a glance, the player will have the best possible situational awareness.

Scenarios have been created after studying the historical orders of battle, and battle histories. Attention was given to the composition of the armies, combat values of individual units and overall authenticity of each scenario.

The game features a large map, covering a distance of almost 2000 kilometres and you can use the Scenario Editor provided within the game to create your own scenarios anywhere on this large battleground.

For more game information, please visit the official Attack at Dawn: North Africa website, or you can visit the games Steam page.