Medic: Pacific War Kickstarter Launched

medic-pacific-warSupport the game’s Kickstarter campaign  and get the access to the early alpha demo build available for backers in August 2021, right after Kickstarter campaign end. You can also add the game to your Steam Wishlist to follow the news about its development.

Watch the Medic: Pacific War Kickstarter trailer HERE.

Look at the horrors of war from an entirely new perspective. Enter the battlefield equipped with a first aid kit instead of a rifle. Bandage, stop hemorrhages, get the wounded off the battlefield, but most of all, bring hope where there’s none and salvation to those who think their lives have come to an end.


Medic: Pacific War is a single-player TPP action simulation game offering a unique take on the Pacific War that’s inspired by historic events, movies, and TV series such as Pearl Harbor, Hacksaw Ridge, Midway, Saving Private Ryan, and The Pacific. Become a true hero. Survive the horrors of the battlefield, dodge bullets, and bring salvation to the wounded. Be their last hope in the chaotic reality of the Pacific Front. Resuscitate, patch up, and carry soldiers to safety, all to change the course of the battle. Most importantly, be ready for the hardest choice every medic must make: decide who lives and who dies. Resources are limited, time is running out, and not everyone’s chances of survival are equal.