NVIDIA Outs GeForce Hotfix 461.81 Driver

nvidia-geforce-logoSource: TechPowerUp!

NVIDIA has released the GeForce Hotfix 461.81 drivers to expeditiously fix bugs discovered with the previous driver. Based mostly on the GeForce 461.72 WHQL, the drivers come with shader cache optimizations for “Fortnite,” which work to reduce stutter on certain PC configurations. A display flickering issue on some machines with GeForce GTX 1660 Super, has been fixed. Pixellated black dots noticed in “Red Dead Redemption II” has been fixed. Stuttering noticed with moving windows of certain desktop applications, has been fixed. NVIDIA Surround failing with 4K HDMI 2.1 TVs has been fixed. “Detroit: Become Human” crashing with image sharpening enabled, has been fixed. Also fixed, is long game loading times with “Rocket League.”

You can download the GeForce Version 461.81 Hotfix via GeForce.com.