Victory At Sea Ironclad comes to the Steam Games Festival

victory-at-sea-ironcladVictory At Sea Ironclad demo launches as part of the celebrations

‘Evil Twin Artworks’, the award winning indie team behind PC RTS classic, ‘Victory At Sea’, Man O’ War: Corsair and Victory At Sea Pacific has launched a demo of its long awaited follow up, Victory At Sea Ironclad, as part of the Steam Games Festival.

We thought it would be great to get at least a taste of what is to come in Victory At Sea Ironclad with a demo” said James Carroll, Director at Evil Twin Artworks. “The Steam Games Festival seemed like a good place to start!

A huge Open World RTS where you play out the entire Civil War, making history with every decision made. Victory At Sea Ironclad will set sail on Steam Q1 2020 in Early Access.

You can check out the new Steam page for Victory At Sea Ironclad HERE.