“Attack at Dawn: North Africa” Announced in a New Trailer

attack-at-dawn-north-africaTake the role of Rommel and change the course of history

Panzer Division Games, a new game studio from Croatia has just announced the development of the game: “Attack at Dawn: North Africa”. It will be a real-time wargame set in WW2 North African theatre, featuring 3 campaigns, and 15 scenarios in singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Watch the Attack at Dawn: North Africa Announcement Trailer HERE.

The game’s large map will cover a distance of almost 2000 kilometres – from the bay of Sirte in Libya, to Suez Canal in Egypt. The terrain will vary between sea, desert and mountains; wadis and sebkhas; villages, birs and ports. The only metallic road in the area – Via Balbia, will span the whole length of the map, and a handful of well-known desert tracks will lead from the road towards the deep Sahara in the south.

The designers have researched orders of battle and unit histories for years in preparation of making this game. Special attention was given to the composition of the armies, combat values of individual units and overall authenticity of each scenario.

Tomislav Čipčić, the lead designer of the game: “Ever since I was 6, I have been fascinated with the North African campaign. The name Tobruk has stuck in my mind ever since. After publishing one successful tabletop wargame – I decided to start the development of “Attack at Dawn”. First milestone was in 2018 when I made a prototype of “Operation Battleaxe“. After 3 years of further development, we currently have a solid, smoothly running and fun game. It will take some time until we finish with all the playtesting, balancing and refining the UI. But I have no doubt that this game will make its mark.

There are 15 carefully recreated scenarios in the game, which can be played as a solo or multiplayer game, or as a part of a campaign. The game features historical scenarios, and speculative scenarios, depicting the what-if situations from the campaign.

This is a real-time game, which will reflect the speed and chaos of the desert mobile warfare. Combine this with the fog of war, and the experience of being in command vehicle of a Panzer Corps comes to life. The game will immerse you in one of the most intensive and nerve-wrecking experiences of the Second World War.

The game’s release date is yet to be announced. When asked about it, the designer said that the game will be released when the AI is as good as they can make it.

For more game information, please visit the official Attack at Dawn: North Africa website, or you can visit the games Steam webpage.