Radiate a Winter Wonderland with IBCM’s new Nuclear Winter Map

icbmNuclear Winter comes to ICBM for a limited time during the Holiday Season, with the Nuclear Winter Map. The map will be playable for a month and will feature 4 factions, including North Pole and South Pole territories, all of which will be playable for the first time. The rules will otherwise follow the standard game rules.

Play as the Free Land of Rebel Elves and Nuke down the Evil Reign of the Gift Factory, or step into the shoes of the Great Democracy of Ginger Bread. Protect the Emperor’s Hometown, capital city of the Great Empire of Penguins and engage in a thermonuclear war where you can take down places like the “Cinnamon Hills” and “Caramel Applefields”. Take revenge against those Stinky Sweaters and Overpriced Dolls once and for all.

ICBM Leaderboard
Along with this limited-time event, we have released a global leader board that you will be able to find here. Discover your position in the global destruction ladder and keep nuking your opponents to climb your way to the top.

Find out more about ICBM on the games official product page.