ICBM Launches

icbmICBM, the thermonuclear Third World War game, is now available. Watch the new ICBM In Two Minutes Trailer HERE.

ICBM is a real time strategy game inspired by the all-time classic movie Wargames and its cultural heritage. In ICBM players take control of a nuclear superpower and prepare it to face a global war. They will attempt to maximize the destruction of their enemies with the best offensive strategy, all whilst limiting damages to their own Homeland cities.

Fight against advanced AI in single player or face up to 7 human opponents in online competitive mode. Form alliances, but remember that betrayal is always an option ­– like in the Cold War age, there are no reliable allies.

Up for something different? ICBM comes with full modding support out of the box. Add or change maps, units, technologies, rules, graphics and much more. Check out Steam Workshop for the available mods.

ICBM is now available on GOG.com and Steam.