Strategic Command: WWI Release Date Announced

strategic-command-world-war-1Strategic Command: World War I is ready to break through your lines.

Mark the day on your calendar, as General Mobilization will begin on the Matrix Games Store, and on Steam beginning December 5th. Be ready to relive the Great War from the opening shots of 1914 to the final offensives, in a massive 20 mile per hex map covering Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Atlantic.

Key Features:

  • 3 campaigns (1914 Call to Arms, 1914 Triple Alliance (where Italy joins the Central Powers) and 1917 Fate of Nations)
  • New unit types added including ANZACs, Mountain Corps and Ground Attack Aircraft
  • Automated Entrenching reducing micromanagement to the minimum
  • Armies that have developed their trench warfare skills will be able to move and entrench
  • Enhanced Fog of War clearly shows the limits of your units’ spotting range
  • Germany’s use of Unrestricted Naval Warfare fully overhauled

Get more information about Strategic Command: World War I from its official product page.