Strategic Mind: The Pacific Release Date – Story Trailer

strategic-mind-the-pacificThe WW2 turn-based strategy launches on October 25

Starni Games studio is delighted to reveal the release date of Strategic Mind: The Pacific. The historical turn-based strategy will leave Early Access and head to the full launch on October 25. To celebrate the release Starni Games releases a new story trailer.

Watch the Strategic Mind: The Pacific - The trailer of the game Full Version HERE.

In Strategic Mind: The Pacific you’ll face the waging war between the USA and the Empire of Japan in the Pacific Ocean – with mindblowing historical accuracy and attention to detail. The game offers an immersive experience of commanding both sides of the conflict, allowing you to gain a unique understanding of the situation through the eyes of both sides’ real-life commanders.

Build up, train and equip your troops with the newest weaponry available to maximize their efficiency and set sail for victory. The core element of the game is large scale naval battles with numerous carrier ships bringing aircraft into the battle for seizing control over the ocean. Upon overtaking the sea you will have to set foot on hostile land through a series of costly landing operations.

You will have to make your naval, aerial and amphibious forces act as one flawless mechanism – a task only a truly strategic mind can achieve.

Key features

  • Two full campaigns featuring both sides of the conflict;
  • Unreal Engine-based graphics with historically accurate models of all units;
  • Over 60 minutes of plot-driven cinematics;
  • Full English voiceover for all the characters;
  • Rich upgrades and equipment system;
  • Thought-through tactics;
  • Complex naval battles mechanics allow you to damage various ship systems – armament, hull, engine, flight deck, etc;
  • Headquarters traits system;
  • Heroes you can assign to a particular unit.

Head on over to the Strategic Mind: The Pacific Steam page for more game info and to purchase the game on October 25th.