Armored Brigade – Campaign Generator Tool Guide

armored-brigade-nation-pack-italy-yugoMatrix Games has released an overview of the first iteration of the Armored Brigade Campaign Generator system. It and the original Battle Generator are built with the same design philosophy in mind: To have an easy way to generate an infinite amount of replayable content that can be shared with others.

It provides a context for the battles and adds more depth to gameplay by making use of the game’s features that some players might otherwise have overlooked.

The flexibility of the battle system that can handle almost any forces, locations, and other parameters is made use of by having units with tracked statistics, battle locations that are dictated by the outcome of the previous battle, and the time of day and the weather that keep changing during or between the battles. One strength of Armored Brigade is the enormous size of maps. They offer a myriad of unique and realistic locations, and when fighting over a piece terrain, even for several battles, its special characteristics become familiar and memorable.

The system tracks explosions and terrain fires, and these areas become destruction zones in the following battles. All this creates a sense of drama.

Let’s take a look at how a fresh campaign is generated, and how the transition between the campaign battles works.

IMPORTANT – The Battle Generator tool comes with the free update that will be released along with the Nation Pack. It will be available both for the base game and the DLC.

Click here to read the document (.PDF File).

Get more information about Armored Brigade from its official webpage.