AMD has Readied Patches Against MasterKey, Fallout, and Chimera Vulnerabilities

amd-ryzenfall-masterkey-fallout-chimeraSource: Guru3D

AMD has finished up its patches for vulnerabilities that security company CTS Labs announced last month. The chip designer reports that the updates for, among others, Epyc chips are in the final phase of testing and should become available next month through a Firmware patch.

CTS Labs announced the bugs unexpectedly and without any warning a while ago, according to the security company, it would take many months to close the vulnerabilities. CTS recently once more contacted Toms Hardware to ‘express their concern about the lack of updates from AMD regarding these vulnerabilities’. The company said it believed many of the vulnerabilities ‘would take months to fix’. One of them, Chimera, would even require a hardware change.

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