Germany at War Updated to Version 1.08

Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 has been updated to version 1.08! New features, new units, new maps, and bug fixes are making this version a true milestone!

You can download the update from HERE.


  • New scenarios done by Jean Dillmann (aka terminator)
  • Eben Emael (1.03)
  • Battle of Odessa 1941 (1.02)
  • Kutno 1939 (1.04)
  • updated campaign Eastern Front v1.07 done by Zigmunds Steins(aka Marechal)
  • marker in improvement for selected changes
  • units can now be excluded out of the <tab> cycling of units by pressing <q> while the unit is selected
  • new victory condition possible: reduce minefield strength
  • unexplored areas are now named as such in the hex info of the panel
  • marker for used/ignored units
  • new AI abilities that improve offensive behavior which e.g. leads to raids against rear cities if the units are available
  • combat results can now be limited or completely turned off for the map in the options
  • Options End turn on/off
  • map of Western Europe
  • Extras folder with screenshots of the development (terminator)

Check the full changelog HERE.