Burden of Command Coming Soon

burden-of-commandBurden of Command is a new WWII Tactical/Historical/Leadership/RPG game in development by Green Tree Games. Burden of Command puts you into a leadership role, where you make command decisions that will win or lose a battle, save the lives of your men, or let them die. Green Tree Games has put together an impressive group of veterans, military historians, novelists, and psychology experts to develop Burden of Command.

Check out the Burden of Command Official Teaser Trailer via YouTube.

To learn much, much more about Burden of Command, please take a visit to the games official website at http://burdenofcommand.com/

Take a look at a full depth interview by Charles Ellis at The Wargamer with Luke Hughes, the Project Lead at Green Tree Games.

Then stop by Rock, Paper, Shotgun for a game preview by Tim Stone.

And if you just want to sit back, pop open a cold one and listen to an great 15 minute audio review by thehistoricalgamer, just click HERE (via YouTube).

Burden of Command is expected to be released in 2018.