The King of Battle – A Guide to Artillery in Steel Division: Normandy ‘44

steel-division-normandy-44By Ian Boudreau @ The Wargamer

Steel Division: Normandy ‘44 is a game about combined arms warfighting, but it’s very easy to over-focus on the movie stars of the Second World War, infantry and armor. These are the branches that have provided the basis for the war’s human dramas, and it’s not hard to see why. Thousands of troopers storming the French beaches, paratroopers dropping in over the countryside, and the rumble and terror of the Tiger all are immediately recognizable as moments of human valor and fear.

Artillery in Steel Division is divided into four types, and using each effectively means the difference between smashing the enemy to pieces and getting stranded on the wrong side of the front without fire support. Being that there are 400 unique units and vehicles in the game, we’ll talk broadly about the four types of artillery and where they’re most effective in the fight.

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