Matrix Games D-Day Sale – 30% Off on Many Titles!

matrix-games-logo-1On this day 73 years ago, the Allies were about to start Operation Overlord, the biggest naval invasion of history. Its aim was to land on the European mainland. It was D-Day.

We chose to remember this day by putting several of our World War II games on discount! All games in the following list are discounted by 30% off until the end of the week on Sunday 11th June!

All you have to do is enter “D-Day30” in the coupon field when checking out, and all games in the list will be discounted by 30% off!

This offer is only valid on our store on and, not on Steam! Remember that if you buy a game which is also available on Steam from our store, you will be given a Steam key so you can redeem the game on Steam as well.