New Campaign Mission and FREE Update Coming to Sniper Elite 4

sniper-elite-4Here we are, nearly a month after launch. We hope you’ve been enjoying your time in Italia so far, however we’ve still got a LOT of content in the works for Sniper Elite 4! Today we’re thrilled to announce the release date for the game’s first major singleplayer and multiplayer content update and share with you our longer-term schedule for free and paid content!

Remember new Survival missions, multiplayer maps and modes will be FREE for all players.

All paid content will be included in the Season Pass (including Digital Deluxe Editions) or available to buy separately.

Where possible, we aim to release content at the same time on PS4, Xbox One and PC, though there may be some scheduling differences because of the way digital stores work.

Allied Forces Rifles Out Now!

Take the fight to the fascists with these iconic Allied weapons – M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and Ross Mark 3, for use in all modes.

The Allied Forces Rifles pack is available to purchase on all platforms. Get it now at the Rebellion Gamestore or on Steam!

Beware the Snipes of March

Towards the end of March we’ll be releasing not one but TWO big add-ons for the game!

The first is Deathstorm Part 1: Inception, the opening chapter and mission in our BRAND NEW three-part mini-campaign with a completely new storyline for 1-2 players. Look out for more info soon and a first-look trailer!

The second is the Night Fighter Expansion Pack, a value-stuffed content drop featuring three new weapons, night-time camouflage rifle skins for eight weapons, and two new characters.

BUT we also have tons of FREE content arriving around the same time! This month’s freebies include a brand new multiplayer mode called Elimination, in which two teams try to whittle down their opponent’s numbers. If you’re killed you’re forced to sit on the sidelines – but not permanently! If your team kills an opponent player, they get to tag back in one of their sidelined teammates. All may seem lost in Elimination, but all it takes is one kill to turn the tide!

Fan Made Movie

We’ve seen some great fan-made Sniper Elite videos in our time, but this latest effort from Hoodoo Operator is something special.

Shot entirely using in-game footage, this is one video you shouldn’t miss!

Visit the Sniper Elite 4 News Page for more info on future content releases and screenshots!