War in the East Updated to Version 1.09.00

Hi everybody! In case you missed it, War in the East, one of the greatest wargame of all time, has been updated to version 1.09.00!

You can download the update from here.

Version 1.09.00 Patch Notes

New Features
1. Scenarios and games saved under this version will not load under older versions of the

Bug Fixes
1. Fixed a bug where it was possible to gain access to enemy units and alter some of their
2. Fixed a bug where units could receive more replacements than asked for if there was a
surplus of resources (all were used and dispatched to units).
3. Fixed a bug where units could retain more matched equipment than desired. They will
now immediately return enough not to exceed 125% of TOE needs (this limit scales with
MAX TOE down to 100% for MAX TOE set to 80% or less).
4. Fixed a bug where formation inventory was not displayed correctly if the list of units in
the first tab was sorted.
5. Fixed a bug where self-propelled weapons, armored cars and self-propelled artillery were
displayed in the infantry tab of formation inventory, even though they were included in
the AFV totals.
6. Fixed a bug where an empty unit details window was displayed after closing
Commander’s Report in some circumstances (only when using regular exit button).