Why Battlefield 1 Fans Are In a Flap about a Pigeon Mode

battlefield-1Here’s a sneak beak.

By Tom Phillips @ Eurogamer

Some Battlefield 1 fans think there will be a pigeon mode in DICE’s World War 1 shooter.

Let’s be clear: there has been no official confirmation of a pigeon mode as yet. If there is one, DICE is keeping it firmly under flaps.

But take a look for a moment at the below video, originally published back in March. Specifically at the 1:50 minute mark, where… a Battlefield 1 pigeon mode is mentioned.

The video’s creator, AlmightyDaq, uses the video to divulge detailed Battlefield 1 information weeks before the game’s official announcement.

Included in the video are the game’s final name (well, either Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 1918, apparently), its World War 1 setting, details about its classes and early descriptions of its multiplayer maps.

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