Battlefield 1 Teaser Trailer

battlefield-1Battlefield 1 Will Have Six Weapon Classes

Source:  PCGamesN

Battlefield 1 is heading back to the muddy murder fields of World War One, and that means an era where there weren’t quite the gazillion different guns that there are in the modern world. There will still be plenty of weapons to choose from in the game though, drawn from a pool of six types.

Available to use will be shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, semi-autos, sidearms, and sniper-rifles. Presumably ‘sniper rifles’ mean any kind of bolt-operated weapon, considering most standard infantrymen in WW1 were using non-scoped, manual rifles.

A short trailer shows some of those weapons in action, including a mace and a German LMG. It’s a mere 15 seconds though, but we’ll get a much better look at the game on June 12, when DICE will host a 64-player match at E3 to show off the game’s multiplayer.