New Fallout 4 Far Harbor Trailer Teases New Zone and Weapons

fallout4-logoMutants are weak vs. harpoon cannons

Source: PCGamer

Fallout 4′s Far Harbor expansion adds a large new zone set in post-apocalyptic Maine. You’re on a mission from Valentine’s Detective Agency to find a missing person, but Far Harbor’s old fishing villages have become flashpoints in a faction war, and the swamps have become breeding grounds for some ugly new creatures.

It looks a lot like a more detailed take on Fallout 3′s Maryland-set Point Lookout DLC, though that didn’t feature a giant harpoon cannon or a suit of military armour that makes you look like a mud-spattered Master Chief.

Get an exclusive look into the making of Fallout 4’s Far Harbor from Bethesda Game Studios here.

Far Harbor is out tomorrow, Thursday May 19.