Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa Available Soon on Steam

decisive-campaigns-barbarossaSince its release, Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa has been considered one of the most groundbreaking wargames depicting the German invasion of Soviet Russia.

Awarded “Overall Digital Game of the Year and Digital Wargame of the Year” by the Groghead’s Readers, Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa employs an innovative gameplay mechanic, in which political affiliations and personal relations between you and your superiors (and subordinates) have a strong impact during the military operations!

Today, developer studio VR Designs is very proud to announce that Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa is marching straight to Steam with a full set of improvements and upgrades, included an elegant “War Diary” feature, which follows the diary of a German soldier, based on what is happening in the game, giving you an insight into how your progress and decisions reflect on the “ground level”!

Plus, the map artwork has been significantly improved to make the gameplay more realistic and immersive than ever!

Is your will strong enough to face both external and internal enemies?

Stay tuned for further updates! The game will be available on Steam on April, 28th!

Get more information about Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa from its official product page!