Available Now, 2016 winSPWW2 and winSPMBT Upgrades to the Upgrades!

Camo Workshop says, “Apologies to our Fans”

As of 6:53 am (EDST) this morning (April 21, 2014) new (b) versions of both patches are in place. DRG of Camo Worshop said on the Shrapnel Games’ Camo Workshop Forums, “There are NO OOB changes so anyone who may have started a PBEM is not affected and can download this new version without problems. The game version number that shows when the game starts has NOT changed as there were no code or OOB changes – the only change is to the patch version. I apologise for the inconvenience.”

The following winSPMBT corrections were made:

Key Game Guide files were put in an incorrectly named folder in the orginal patch download and therefore critical info on how to fire NLOS missles was not showing up when players tried to find that info in the Game Guide. As well.- since this had to be rebuilt for the Game Guide info anyway – the T-14 Armata photo that was missing from the orginal patch is now in this ‘b’ version.

The following winSPWW2 correction was made:

The missing text file for the “Invasion Sweden 1943″ campaign has been included .

Anyone who downloaded and installed the original patch of April 20, 2016 should download and install the new ‘b’ versions.

The winSPMBT patch can be found here.

The winSPWW2 patch can be found here.

Both winSPWW2 and winSPMBT are available as fully featured FREE downloads or Enhanced Editions (CD or Download) through our e-store. The Enhanced Editions are not different in the core gameplay, but provide a lot of extra bells and whistles for the Steel Panthers connoisseur. Both games work with even the latest version of Windows.

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