Sniper Elite 4 Preview – Video

sniper-elite-4A World War 2 themed Metal Gear Solid. Who doesn’t want to play that?

By Martin Robinson @ Eurogamer

Sniper Elite, Rebellion’s stealth action hybrid, is back, and it’s looking more handsome than ever. Cut free from the last generation of hardware – unlike Sniper Elite 3, this one’s exclusive to Xbox One, PS4 and PC – it’s looking mighty fine, even, all the rough edges that marked the series before smoothed out. Sniper Elite’s evolved from guilty pleasure to reliably enjoyable entertainment. This one could be a seriously good video game.

Watch the new First Look Gameplay trailer here.

The setting’s switched up from the North Africa of Sniper Elite 3 to Italy just before its invasion in September 1943. It’s afforded Rebellion some gorgeous locales – in a brief hands-off demo we’re shown the bay, alongside a level set in sumptuous countryside under the imposing shadow of a grand viaduct – as well as a little more breathing space. Sandbox games such as this love throwing around grand statistics, so try this one on for size: the smallest level in Sniper Elite 4 is three times the size of the biggest one seen in its predecessor.

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