Total War: Attila – Age of Charlemagne Now Available

total-war-attila-boxOut now, the Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack is an epic expansion for Total War: Attila; set in the Middle Ages, long after Attila’s vicious reign has ended. Today, existing players will also automatically receive the latest free content update for the main game, featuring a new playable Faction and a free copy of the game for Steam OS/Linux.

The White Huns are the third free playable faction to be added to the game since launch, providing a new take on the Sassanid-dominated eastern reaches of the Campaign map.

The Linux version of Total War: Attila which will be available for free to anyone who currently owns Total War: Attila on Steam.

In the largest Total War: Attila expansion to date – Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack – brings a brand new campaign map resplendent in medieval-style artwork and focuses on Europe from the year 768AD. With the introduction of Knights, Housecarls and other new era units, battlefield conflict takes an iconic turn. With over 50 conquerable provinces and new campaign mechanics, a detailed and vibrant geopolitical starting position will offer hundreds of hours of gameplay.

As well as an exciting new campaign, Age of Charlemagne also offers access to 8 new playable factions. Check out the trailer here.

Total War: Attila - Age of Charlemagne is out now and available to download today from 2pm GMT via Steam.

The White Huns and Steam OS free content will download for current owners automatically, whether or not they purchase Age of Charlemagne.

For more information on Total War: Attila - Age of Charlemagne visit the Total War Wiki.