Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged Released

flashpoint-campaigns-germany-reforgedThe Cold War turns hot and the fears of decades become a reality as Warsaw Pact forces cross the West German border.

Central Europe is once again the main battlefield for global supremacy but this time the confrontation is between the two Superpowers and their Allies in NATO and the Warsaw Pact. This Third World War will feature the most mobile, deadly and terrifying weapons ever seen.

Will it remain a conventional war, or will chemical and nuclear weapons be released and bring the world to the brink of armageddon?

Flashpoint Campaign: Germany Reforged is a “Battle Pack” for Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, featuring the original scenarios from the first Flashpoint Germany fully updated to the new Flashpoint Campaigns engine, along with a new never before seen mega-map!

This incredible modern wargame will stun you with its ability to represent the high complexity of modern warfare without overwhelming the player. Along with modelling virtually every modern weapon system of the 1980s NATO and Warsaw Pact, the system elegantly portrays the friction of the modern battlefield with a particular emphasis on command and control and electronic warfare.

This expansion brings 17 scenarios with 43 variants along with the original Flashpoint Germany maps completely redone to new graphical standards (withhexes replacing the old grid), a new map “Eiterfeld” which is the largest to date for the Flashpoint Campaigns system (40 x 30 km versus the previous 20 x 15 km) and an abundance of additional action for American, British, West German and Soviet forces alike!

Grab the game now!

Flashpoint Campaigns: Germany Reforged is an expansion for Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm and requires Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm 2.0.10 to play. You can download the 2.0.10 update here (check the changelog here).

The game is also available via Steam.

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