Plextor M6e Black Edition (256GB) Review

plextor-m6e-black-edition-pci-e-ssd-256gbBy Tarinder Sandhu @ Hexus

Storage company Plextor has experimented with producing solid-state drives (SSD) using various form factors. SATA remains the overriding favourite even though it’s limited in terms of interface speed, but Plextor has also released drives using the M.2 and PCIe form factors. This hybrid approach leads to the M6e drive mating a Marvell 88SS9183 controller with Toshiba NAND connecting to the system either via the bare M.2 drive or via AHCI-compliant PCIe through the use of an adapter card. Selecting the older AHCI standard enables Plextor to get the latest M6e Black Edition out to retail quickly without having to wait for the controller manufacturer – in this instance Marvell – to qualify NVMe drives, though such support is coming soon.

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