Sniper Elite 3 Update Adds Mantle Support

Developer claims AMD tech has “kick-started” a new generation of lightweight APIs

Independent UK developer Rebellion today announced that summer chart-topper Sniper Elite 3 is the latest in a small but growing list of high-profile games to include support for AMD’s advanced Mantle API.

Released today as a free Steam update timed to coincide with AMD’s recent Catalyst™ 14.9 WHQL driver release, the Sniper Elite 3 update also includes a new Benchmark mode for both Mantle and DX11.

Writing in an in-depth analysis of Mantle’s performance impact on Sniper Elite 3 for the Rebellion website, the studio’s Head of Programming, Kevin Floyer-Lea explained why Rebellion was so keen to support the API from the beginning:

“This brings the PC closer to console programming, where developers are used to having direct control over available resources and squeezing the most out the hardware.”

Floyer-Lea continues “Whatever else may happen with Mantle in the future, it’s most definitely kick-started a move to more lightweight APIs”, referencing the recent announcements made around Microsoft’s DirectX 12, Apple’s Metal, and Khronos’ Next Generation OpenGL initiative.

Check out the “Benchmark Mode” video HERE.

Find out more at the official Rebellion Blog.