Crews and Commanders Detailed in Armored Warfare

Publisher and developer Obsidian Entertainment has provided more details on the tanks crews and commanders for the world of modern armoured vehicle combat, Armored Warfare.

In Armored Warfare the vehicles driven in battle have their own crew depending on the model and type of vehicle, and just as in real life each crew member has their own specialty. As well as a permanent crew, each vehicle needs a commander who is the most important person for improving the performance of the armoured vehicle.

For Tank crews, players can choose skills for their crew based on their style of play and hardware configuration. Crew skills must be selected carefully and while they cannot change the efficiency of basic tank characteristics, some skills will perform better than others for different vehicles. Crew skills play a vital role on the battlefield.

Commanders are a separate fighting unit who form part of the tank crew and act as a key element of the team. In contrast to regular crew members the commander can switch from tank to tank and because of this they have their own unique development system.

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