Captain Miller Wants You to Vote in the Make Arma Not War Contest

Bohemia Interactive is organizing special mini-competition in support of its €500,000 Make Arma Not War content creation contest for Arma 3.

To enter, people simply need to create a “… Wants You To Vote” poster or video for the Make Arma Not War contest. The winner will receive a true Arma 3 fan package, which includes a boxed version of Arma 3, a printed Arma 3 Tactical Guide, an Arma 3 t-shirt, and an Arma 3 USB flash drive.

People can submit their creation by sending an e-mail with their poster (JPEG or PNG) and/or video (YouTube link) to [email protected] before Thursday October 28th 2014. The winner (and runner-ups) will be revealed on or before Tuesday November 4th 2014.

More information about the Make Arma Not War contest itself, the rules, prizes, and categories is available on