Sniper Elite 3 Free Multiplayer Map “Outpost Canyon” – Axis Weapons Pack Released

Independent developer Rebellion today announced the launch of two new pieces of DLC for Sniper Elite 3 on Steam for PC, with the content due to come to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 later this month.

FREE Outpost Canyon Multiplayer Map

The fourth FREE multiplayer map for Sniper Elite 3 on all platforms, Outpost Canyon sees sharpshooters battle across an abandoned supply line, high up in the windswept Atlas Mountains.

Ominously deserted, the map is littered with evidence of previous skirmishes for what was once a crucial supply line for German forces; forgotten artillery positions and the scorched remains of vehicles mark the undulating landscape, ridges and barren river-bed.

With a free-flowing design and multiple elevated positions Outpost Canyon is an expansive addition to the Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer suite.

Axis Weapons Pack

Sniper Elite 3 players can now turn their enemies’ best weapons against them with new firearms from the German, Royal Italian and Imperial Japanese armies including the Type 99 – king of the long distance rifles.

All three weapons can be used in any multiplayer, singleplayer or co-operative game mode in Sniper Elite 3. The Axis Weapons Pack is available for just $3.99.

The Axis Weapons Pack includes:

  • Type 99 rifle: Japanese made with a higher zoom and lower recoil, this bolt action rifle is one of strongest long range weapons available.
  • MAB 38 submachine gun: boasting an improved rate of fire, range and zoom this Italian submachine gun has a distinct advantage over most.
  • Army Pistol 38: used by German officers and soldiers alike this semi-automatic pistol has a strong rate of fire whilst still maintaining its impressive range.