Turtle Beach Ear Force Z SEVEN Gaming Headset Review

turtlebeach-earforcez7-gamingheadsetBy David Yee @ Legit Reviews

Turtle Beach is perhaps a name better known amongst console gamers since you can easily find their Ear Force lineup of headsets somewhere close to where the boxed console games are in certain stores. Most Turtle Beach Ear Force headsets are compatible with computers or any electronic device with a 3.5 mm jack nonetheless because most gamers or even most people make due with one set of headphones for all their devices. The Turtle Beach Z SEVEN we have for review is actually part of a much larger family of SEVEN headsets. The Z SEVEN is posited as the version for PCs and Macs, the XP SEVEN drops the computer compatibility and goes for Xbox 360 and PS3 compatibility, The M SEVEN is the mobile variant, and the XO SEVEN is the first third-party headset compatible with Xbox One. Then there’s also a bunch of limited edition SEVEN headsets with alternate earcup decorative plates themed after games and movies such as Captain America, Thor, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Titanfall.

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