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Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher are proud to announce that the newest update is now available on Armored Warfare. This update includes new Asian machines of destruction that will battle in close quarter combat in the coastal urban areas of the newest map for PvP. Zhang Feng, Armored Warfare’s latest Arms Dealer, will update player garages with Main Battle Tanks to change military conflict zones across the globe. There has not been a better time for players to engage in the challenging, fast-paced action of Armored Warfare.

View the video here.

Features introduced with update 0.13:

  • Originating from China, a rising new arms dealer named Zhang Feng and his roster of dangerous Main Battle Tanks are available for all Commanders.
  • Developed as a brand new indigenous tank that would be different from anything previously built in China, the WZ-1224 is a Tier 5 Premium MBT.
  • Changes will be made so rewards in PvE function more similarly to PvP in order for the systems to be equitable and beneficial.
  • Updates to the matchmaking system will provide an overall better experience and more balanced matches.
  • further enhancements and changes to in-game systems to streamline player experience.
  • This 1200×1200 meter map consists of several regions that offer plenty of space to flank your opponents – the southern bay area and the north offer wide arcs of fire, while the city can be used by heavier and slower vehicles to advance under cover.

Along with the newest update, both the European and the North American server Tank Commanders will be able to join one of the mercenary teams and seek glory and profit until March 6, 2016. Side with the White Lancers, led by cunning, former Colonel Jacek Kowalski, or show your allegiance to the Hellhounds mercenaries, led by ruthless Colonel Hans Krieger. Players fight for the cause and help their favorite leader rise to swift military domination! Support the Polish led or the German led mercenaries, and fight for a share of the profit. After the registration your choice cannot be changed! Register here.

The event will be split into three rounds (lasting roughly a week each) in a best-of-three playoff format. During each round, both teams will accumulate reputation, the sum of which will be displayed on the Armored Warfare website. Please note that only raw reputation counts, Premium Time does not affect the results. At the end of Round 1 and Round 2, the winner for the round will be announced and the overall score will be tracked, but the reputation gained will be reset for the following round. The mercenary team that manages to first win two full rounds will be declared the overall winners.

Check out the mercenary video here.

You can download the game for free and get more information at the official Armored Warfare website.

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Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher unveil new information about the upcoming update 0.13 coming to Armored Warfare on February 11. Coastal Threat is a brand-new map for PvP and brings great possibilities for all classes of vehicles that capitalize on their strategic use in the thick of battle.

Watch the Armored Warfare video here.

Throughout history, the Black Sea region has been a strategic location many parties sought to control due to its importance in trade, as well as its tactical value. In the universe of Armored Warfare, set in the late 2020’s, the relations in the region have significantly deteriorated. The entire area became a battleground for various interests, often backed by the power of one of the newly established Private Military Companies.

An otherwise peaceful town on the coastline has just seen the first glimmers of global conflict; destruction and devastation is left in the wake of armored combatants launching a siege on the area in order to take hold of its natural resources. This 1200×1200 meter map consists of several regions that offer plenty of space to flank your opponents – the southern bay area and the north offer wide arcs of fire, while the city can be used by heavier and slower vehicles to advance under cover.

Other features introduced with update 0.13:

  • Originating from China, a rising new arms dealer by the name of Zhang Feng and his roster of dangerous vehicles, will soon become available for all tank Commanders.
  • Changes will be made so rewards in PvE function similar to PvP in order for the systems to be equitable and beneficial.
  • Updates to the matchmaking system will provide an overall better experience and more balanced matches.

To learn more about Armored Warfare, and to download the game, please visit the official Armored Warfare website.

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New Arms Dealer and Much More Coming February 11

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher are pleased to unveil details about the highly anticipated 0.13 update of Armored Warfare launching on February 11. Rising new arms dealer Zhang Feng and his roster of dangerous vehicles will then become available for all tank Commanders. Not only will players be able to interact with Feng’s arsenal of tanks, but they can also access a new competitive gameplay map, changes to Player versus Player matchmaking, and a complete rework of the rewards for the popular Player versus Environment.

Watch the Armored Warfare video here.

Armored Warfare’s newest character originates from China. Feng showed a knack for working with technology and electronics from early in his childhood. Later in life, he started working with a handful of classmates to build a military technology business, where he once held a position as the head researcher. Players will start with access to seven new Chinese vehicles, with more vehicle lines from other well-known nations set to arrive in future updates.

Arms Dealer Feng’s roster of deadly Chinese vehicles additions include:

  • Type 59 (Tier 3)
  • Type 69-II (Tier 4)
  • Type 80-II (Tier 5)
  • WZ-1224 (Tier 5 Premium)
  • Type 85-IIM (Tier 6)
  • Type 90-II (Tier 7)
  • Type 98 (Tier 8)

New features introduced with 0.13 update:

  • New “Coastal Threat” PvP map: Coastal Threat, a map featuring a town on the Mediterranean coastline, primarily focuses on mixed movement, enabling players to find plenty of routes to flank enemies or set up ambushes.
  • PvE Reward System rework: Changes will be made so rewards in PvE function are similar to PvP in order for the systems to be equitable and beneficial.
  • Matchmaker 2.0: Updates to the matchmaking system will provide an overall better experience and more balanced matches.

Read details of new content coming to Armored Warfare at the games official website.

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Visual Camouflage System now available

Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher are proud to present the long awaited camouflage system into Armored Warfare! Players can unlock various camouflage and paint options, which can then be mixed and matched to allow for personalized customization of your vehicle. Each vehicle can have three Camouflage/Paint configurations defined for different environment types (Woodland, Desert or Snow). The correct camouflage will automatically be selected when loading into a map based on that map’s environment type.

Check out the new Armored Warfare video here.

Tank commanders may purchase camouflage options through the customization interface in the garage for either gold or in-game credits, while paint is currently unlocked through completing various achievements for free. Once a paint color has been unlocked, it can be applied to any owned vehicle. Applying a camouflage pattern will add it on top of the newly chosen paint color. Camouflage adds a buff to the vehicle’s camouflage rating, which will help in hiding from enemies and attacking from concealment.

For more game information, and to download the game for free, please visit the official Armored Warfare website.

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Publisher and developer Obsidian Entertainment announce this weekend will be a stress test of Armored Warfare that will be open to all interested in checking out the upcoming mechanized combat game. They are updating the game to version 0.9 with a new PvP map, new PvE missions, and more, all of which are detailed in this update. The free period runs from September 24-25, and you can head over to the Armored Warfare website on the 23rd to download the game client. Here’s word:

Stress Testing is the final test phase before the Open Beta launch. Its aim is to provide the developers with feedback regarding the stability of the server system and its ability to handle a large amount of players. In order to obtain these results, the game needs as many players as possible playing at the same time.

Stress Testing will test the abilities and capacity of the server clusters, pushing them to their limits in order to accomplish the goals of the test round. Under these circumstances, players should expect the following issues: server queues, occasional latency spikes, and reduced server stability.

In addition, purchasing gold will not be possible during the Stress Test phase. Progress will however carry over from the Early Access phase for players who previously participated in the Early Access test.

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m4-tank-brigade-logoClassic sim to be updated monthly based on player feedback

iEntertainment Network Inc. is proud to announce that M4 Tank Brigade Classic is now available on Steam Early Access.

M4 Tank Brigade, a World War II tank simulation for Windows PCs, is the only game on Steam to focus exclusively on commanding multiple WWII armored vehicles in real time, with combat that takes place on 3D battlefields spread over hundreds of square miles. Tank commanders control their own platoon (four tanks) and up to a full battlegroup of 20 armored vehicles – coordinating both air and artillery support. In a split second, players can jump into any vehicle in their command net to turn the tide of battle!

The M4 Tank Brigade Steam package includes thousands of single-player missions and free massively multiplayer online (MMO) combat for up to 300 tankers in the same battle. Both single-player and multiplayer modes will be updated on a monthly basis with new features and functions based on player feedback and suggestions from the M4 Tank Brigade Steam Community.

In order to include the updated version improvements in the same package as the classic game, IENT is leveraging Steam Early Access so that M4 Tank Brigade can be continuously updated. The Steam package includes the popular, finished “classic” version that has been played online and offline for years. The first new features for M4 Tank Brigade are expected in September 2015.

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This trailer shows off the M109A6 Paladin self-propelled gun that Obsidian is bringing to Armored Warfare, their multiplayer tank game. The clip includes real-life video along with gameplay footage to show why you might want the Paladin on your side. Here’s word:

“The Paladin is part of the M109 self-propelled gun series originally used by the American military during the Vietnam War and has proven so useful that its modernized form remains in service to this day. In Armored Warfare the Paladin has faster movement and higher rates of fire than most artillery vehicles, but its fire power is less than that of other artillery vehicles in its same tier. Vulnerable to counter-artillery fire if it stays in one place too long, using the Paladin’s extra mobility to change position is often the key to success.”

For more game information, please visit the official Armored Warfare website.

Obsidian Entertainment and are pleased to announce the dates of the Second Early Access Test for Armored Warfare is taking place from June 10th, 2015 till June 24th, 2015. To support this awesome news we have prepared a new trailer which demonstrates Roughneck – a brand new map that will be available during Second Early Access Test.

The Second Early Access Test will let the player continue their progression from the first test now for a two weeks period and at the same time will bring new content and considerable optimization and balance updates.

Check out the list of updates and get more info here.

The video focuses on the modern ammunition and armor types which players will be able to use in the game

Source: Gamer’s Hell, the subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, and Obsidian Entertainment have released a new video developer diary for Armored Warfare, the highly anticipated upcoming tank combat MMO video game that promises stunning next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience.

In Armored Warfare, players will take on the role of private military contractors who are called into action throughout a modern virtual world. Overseeing their own personal command base, players will expand, enhance, and customize their headquarters, manage and upgrade their military convoy of vehicles, and train and develop their crews through a robust reputation and experience system. Dynamic environments in Armored Warfare require players to change strategies on the battlefield at a moment’s notice keeping them ever vigilant to the tides of battle. In addition, players will be able to join Clans and participate in large scale Territory Wars in the power struggle for world domination.

For more information on Armored Warfare, visit the games official website.

Get ahead of the game by signing up for the beta now to acquire a tank commander! and Obsidian Entertainment are giving away a new commander to all players who log in to their Armored Warfare account or sign up for beta access before January 18th, 2015.

Collecting commanders is vital to success in Armored Warfare. Each has a completely unique set of skills and characteristics that can be leveled up, so having a diverse range of them will contribute hugely to the player’s chances of victory. Commanders take time to acquire, however, so this giveaway brings players the chance to get the jump on their enemies early.

This commander, Anthony Diaz, was a military career man that worked his way up from humble beginnings as a Private. Having exhausted the many possibilities the army brings, he felt the only way to find new challenges was to enter the private sector, bringing him to the modern battlefield of Armored Warfare.

To get this exclusive gift you should go to this page by January 18th, 2015.

Please find more information about commanders in Armored Warfare in this article.

Don’t miss your chance to secure this awesome advantage for upcoming battles. Merry Christmas from all at and Obsidian Entertainment!

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