AMD Catalyst 11.7 WHQL Released - 11.8 Preview Drivers Too
Posted on: 2011-07-28 16:17:47

By Cyril Kowaliski @ The Tech Report

Once again, AMD has graced users of its Radeon graphics processors with the simultaneous release of a production-ready, Microsoft-approved Catalyst release as well as a more experimental Catalyst preview driver. The former can be downloaded from the usual spot on AMD's Game website, while the latter is available from this page on AMD's support knowledge base.

What's new this time? According to the official release notes, the 11.7 drivers are pretty much a bug-fixing release. You'll want to check out the release notes for a full list of squashed bugs, but highlights include "all issues experienced with mouse cursor lag," a handful of display corruption problems, Blu-ray 3D incompatibilities with PowerDVD, and issues in Shogun II and Portal 2.

The 11.8 "preview driver" is, apparently, where all the exciting stuff went—namely performance tweaks.


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