Mozilla Releases 'Feature Complete' Firefox 4 Beta 7
Posted on: 2010-11-12 15:51:03

By Pulkit Chandna @ Maximum PC

Mozilla has delivered the seventh Firefox 4 beta, albeit almost a couple of months behind its original beta schedule. The open source outfit had originally scheduled the release of the “feature complete” Beta 7 for September 17, 2010, but ended up pushing back the release of both the beta and the release candidate, which is now expected to arrive in early 2011.

Now that the Add-ons APIs for Firefox 4 are stable, add-on developers can begin updating their add-ons to support Firefox 4. This is how the browser developer summed up the enhancements in a blog post: “This release boosts performance in some important ways: it adds the JägerMonkey just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compiler; adds more support for hardware-accelerated graphics, as well as hardware acceleration for Windows XP and Mac OS X; and enables 3D capabilities, without the need for plug-ins, with WebGL.”

According to Mozilla, the new features translate into a snappier and much more exciting browsing experience.

Download the Firefox 4 beta HERE. (Hosted by Mozilla - 7.7 MB)

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