Review: GlacialPower GP-AX950AA 950w Power Supply
Posted on: 2010-04-16 16:08:00

Author: Mark Taliaferro @ Bjorn3D

The GlacialPower GP-AX950AA power supply is a single +12v rail PSU with 76A available on the Rail. Designed for gamer enthusiasts, the 950W PSU is capable of Dual GPU operation.

With the GlacialPower GP-AX950AA you get their top of the line enthusiast grade gaming power supply with an 80 Plus Silver rating. The GP-AX950AA's modular design and sharp looks make it a good choice for those wanting a great power supply. Since the OEM on the power supply is GlacialPower and ChannelWell technologies you can bet this one is a good one.

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