Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark Review
Posted on: 2009-01-20 17:43:48

One of the finest flight sims ever to hit the PC.

By Bennett Ring, IGN AU

Pity the poor flight sim. Once a staple ingredient of any PC gamer's diet, these incredibly complex pieces of software have since become a rare delicacy enjoyed by a hidden audience. Once upon a time every second game on the PC was a flight sim, but their limelight slowly petered out as more accessible genres engulfed the PC. Yet there's still a sizable audience of virtual Mavericks out there, eagerly waiting for the latest virtual cockpit. Sadly though, this large yet quiet audience doesn't justify the development attention it once did, and the result has been a dearth of sims. Simmers have watched in horror as their beloved genre gasped its dying breath over the last few years, with only re-releases of older games, and the promise of a handful of titles, to keep them going. Digital Combat Simulator: Black Shark (BS) was one of those titles, and has been in development for what feels like decades.

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